UG freshers protest GHc100 levy for power plants


Fresh students of the University of Ghana are protesting attempts by management of the university to impose a GHc 100.00 levy on them for already purchased power plants being paid for.

Students of the University of Ghana were charged GHc100 each towards the purchase of power plants for the school at the height of the power crisis that hit the country two years ago.

This is in addition to the GHc50 fee for the servicing of the already existing plants charged by the halls of residence.

A message to one of the freshers read, “dear Bismark you are to pay GhC100.00 as levy for the purchasing of generator plants for your hall. This should be paid into the students’ fees account.”

The student, who spoke to Citi News said, “I received this message last two days and I felt sad about it because already the fees are very high. I am a fee paying student. I am paying close to GhC4,600.00 and I am supposed to pay another GhC100.”

“Already they say we should pay some GHc50 as JCR [Junior Common Room] dues and some other fees that we are supposed to pay. It seems as though everyday, every hour messages keep coming in that we should pay certain an amounts and its that keeps the fee upward. Its very bad. And you are aware that these days money is a problem in this country; the economy is not very good”.

The SRC President who spearheaded the purchase of the plant two academic years ago, Mr. Joshua Dogbey, described the move as alarming saying it could affect some of the students.

Levy on freshmen unfair

Mr. Dogbey said, “the question I’ll ask is purchase for which plant again? Because to the best of our knowledge; the plants that are been talked about have been procured within the 2014/15 academic year of the university which all resident students were charged for. So the last batch of payment that is supposed to made in relation to the procurement of this plant were supposed to be within the 2015/2016 academic year; so where from this payment for plants. Is it that someone is taking advantage of the vulnerability of freshmen?”

“This is because per all the documents and resolutions of the General Assembly of the students representative council during my time was supposed to be a onetime payment.”

Mr. Dogbey appealed to management of the university to rescind its decision saying, “This is clearly not a burden that the incoming students should bare. It’s clearly unfair. It is not part of the agreement.”

Meanwhile Citi News has also gathered that the student leadership and management will hold talks on the matter this week for a possible review.

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