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The bitterness of corruption in Ghana has caused me Insomnia. It is even worst in our student politics and whenever I am sleeping , I ask myself , is the future of Ghana bright?

I want to talk but I know not how to say it. The fear of being the next target to be sabotaged has gripped my mouth. I want to write as well but I know not how to write. My hands shiver in shock of how leaders have had their throats choked with money. I am in fear of being singled out because the majority are in fear. Until we speak, act and write, our Politics will remain soiled with dirt.

“Kwabena Domfeh, please learn hard to become an accountant in future”. That was what my grandmum told me as she died on my laps in 2008. I have grown to understand that she said that not because it is the only Job but because of the perception by many that ” accountants makes money through addition of zeros”.

The SRC and NUGS TREASURERS can be called the accountants in Student Politics. Often times, students blame their Presidents of spending money, forgetting that, without the endorsement of the TREASURER, the president cannot withdraw any amount. Perhaps, this statement is an attempt to answer why there are too many SRC TREASURER ASPIRANTS and also to tell you to be watchful in voting for your accountants in this year’s approaching general elections. It is so surprising that, the SRC TREASURER portfolio has recorded the highest number of hopefuls behind SRC PRESIDENCY portfolio in this year’s elections.

If you have not decided whom to vote for yet, then follow me, “the only sir in radio” as I introduce them to you.

We can reliably inform you that , the lady with a smile, MUNA is in the race. Are you going to smile even if you loose?

Addition, subtraction and I will do the transaction. Are you a mathematics teacher to tell us what 1+1 is ??

And meet the Education lady, ELLAMORE with the motto; count on someone you can count. I still remember my mum telling me not to trust anybody oo.

This is LIZA who is treasuring our treasure. I never knew she is already the SRC treasurer and she is treasuring our treasure or am I confused?

I present to you TRACY. She says development in accountability. Well, it sounds like NPP’s development in freedom. I first thought you were Tescon treasurer hopeful oo.

ASANA NAPARI says UDS Wa, Ey3 very necessary. I think you should come again, please, what is very necessary.

Which position will SANDY be playing. My vigilant, your vigilant, our resources. Really? Please can you use the personal pronoun well because not all students want to be vigilant wai.

ANDARA is the lady who uses pencil in addressing us. I wonder if we are still in lower primary. With your moto ( there is work to be done and not just acquiring position) i’m tempted to ask, is the current SRC treasurer sleeping??

With this overwhelming rise in the numbers, I wouldn’t be wrong to say, a football team can be formed. And guess what, since the EC is being reluctant in bringing the election calendar, am sure as time goes on, we may probably get reserves and I wonder who the captain will be. Your guess is as good as mine.

Note ; if you are an SRC Treasurer aspirant and your name was not captured then you should play your cards well because we don’t know you.

If your name too was captured , please don’t be offended by my words in this article. It is just an entertaining one and no hard feelings should be attached. All for the betterment of UDS .


Written by ;
Domfeh Emmanuel
Ultimate Fm

Domfeh Emmanuel( sir noble)

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