Amongst all the Universities, be it the Public Universities, Private Universities and even the University Colleges that are mushrooming in Ghana, the University For Development Studies, UDS is the only University that runs a trimester Programme dubbed Third Trimester Field Practical Programmed (TTFPP). That is, unlike other universities who go for only two semesters in an academic year, UDS goes for three trimesters making them unique.

With the TTFPP, irrespective of the program one offers, be it Accounting, Medicine, Agribusiness, Computer Science et al and even which ever campus of the four multi campuses of the University that the student is, the UDS students have to spend about 8 weeks in and among deprived communities they might have never lived in their life. These Students are offered the ladle to serve their accommodating deprived communities with plates of the knowledge they acquired in the classroom.

The Students might not have the capacity to solve identified development gutters in their communities but they are equipped to propound possible solutions. First, they wholly assess the community in their first year stay as level 100s and then they propose solutions to those identified short falls of the community on their second visit as level 200s. The TTFPP usually comes off between late May and July in a year. This year isn’t an exception as Students have gathered at the Wa Campus of the University to be sent to their respective communities.

As part of the preparations for this year’s TTFPP, Mr. Ebenezer Nketiah Amoah who doubles as the Central SRC President and President of Nyankpala Campus of the University was in an interview on the Supreme Morning Show of the UDS Wa Campus Radio, Ultimate 94.7FM, with the host Mr. Domfeh Emmanuel (Sir Noble) and he lamented about the uniqueness, it’s misconceptions and the importance of this programme.

“The TTFPP makes the University for Development Studies (UDS) unique among its peers in the country. The benefit to the UDS student are numerous. From learning, how to work with a mixed group of colleague students to appreciating the development needs of the average Ghanaian are but two to scrape on the board. Notwithstanding, the importance of this programme to the growth of the UDS student are lot of erroneous misconceptions have arisen over the years. A good number of students seem to question the relevance of the programmme most especially prospective students” – the President said.

He further disclosed the SRC’s intention to uphold a press conference on the third trimester field practical programme ( TTFPP).

“It is our wish as the Central SRC of the UDS to create an occasion to not just address the misconceptions but to as well beat the drums to the hearing of the entire Ghana about TTFPP. The simple objective of placing students in the field to make use of their class knowledge to impact a community is justification to ask for more hands as we beat the drum.
We are thereby serving notice of a press conference to be organized by the 2017/2018 Students Representative Council (SRC) of the University for Development Studies (UDS).” – Mr. Ebenezer concluded.

Details of the upcoming Press Conference are as follows:

Theme: TTFPP; Addressing the Erroneous Views.

Date: Monday, 29th May, 2017.

Time: 11:00am

Venue : UDS Wa Campus Auditorium.

Reported by : Domfeh Emmanuel ( Sir Noble ).
A Noble Diplomatic Advocacy For International Recognition.

Domfeh Emmanuel( sir noble)

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