To The Woman Who First Loved Me And To All Other Women- Happy Mothers’ Day!



You labored in pain

To bear down the fruit your womb contained

In fulfillment of a decree

By the maker you conformed to, without plea

Yet a choice you made to Sustain

And with intense joy you maintained

The first time I heard I love you

It was coming from you

And no other has been so true

When I chose to do wrong

You did not deny me where to belong

I broke the calabash you cherished

I cried for no reason, keeping you awake all night

You were the manager of my life and you made me flourish

Serving me all day and night

And taking shares in my tears

Now i am trapped in the grips of fear as days pass by

Because i get closer to telling you good bye

Meanwhile I can’t stand to see you die

If life could be a legend or a play

Where this love could forever be in display

I would risk my life to get magic pearls for you to swallow

And forever live to receive my love

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(c) Raymond Taaku

Raymond Taaku

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