The Judicial Board of the UG SRC on Tuesday the 18th of October at about 8:30pm proceeded to hear the case involving Daniel Bekoe vs the SRC and the Legal advisor.


The legal advisor who is a defendant in the case, called on H.E. Esinam Seade as a witness to his argument. Esinam after taking the oath then proceeded to narrate to the court the circumstances that led to the dismissal of Derrick Abotsi from office.


She said in her evidence that, she received some distress calls from students of the University who had been sent to Hohoe to represent the university in the NUGS elections about three weeks ago about the poor state they had been left by their leader, Mr.Derrick Abotsi who was the UG local NUGS President at the time. According to her, the students claimed that, they had been left to sleep in a mosquito infested dormitory while the said Derrick Abotsi was lodging in a hotel. She then had to arrange and take a section of students with her and head to the election grounds at Hohoe.

According to the SRC President, when she confronted Mr. Abotsi, he burst out saying he had been assured a position by the opposition to the party that the SRC of the university of Ghana had decided to support and he would resign the SRC appointment after the NUGS elections. He also threatened to prevent the SRC President from voting in the elections.


The President then saw it as a matter of emergency and to protect the interest of the UG SRC to relieve Mr. Abotsi of his duties in consultation with her evecutive officers.


The plaintiff (Daniel Bekoe), cross examined Esinam, the defendant’s witness, that since her executives were not at Hohoe, how was the decision taken in consultation with them. Esinam responded that, since her executives have asked her to represent them in her decisions on the grounds at Hohoe, the decision by default was in consultation with them.

Mr. Bekoe then referred the court to article 28/1 (b) of the SRC constitution which permits a Chairperson of a committee to be removed from office by simple majority votes of the executive committee which subject to the same constitution is made up of the executive officers and JCR Presidents of all halls of residence. He explained that per the constitution, the vice president should have called for the meeting since the president was out of the jurisdiction and not fire the Mr. Abotsi on the NUGS grounds since there was no emergency as the the president suggests. Therefore the act should be declared null and void.


The legal advisor then proceeded to elaborate on the evidence of H.E. Esinam with SRC act 28/2 which provides that, a person who holds a position in the SRC and holds an interest  that conflicts with the interest of the SRC and does not disclose such,it shall be taken that, such a person has vacated his position.  And so the dismissal of Mr. Abotsi is lawful.


After 5 minutes of deliberating with his colleagues, the lead Justice, Justice Asiedu adjourned the case to Monday, 24th October 2016 for judgement.

Story by Oswald Kevin Azumah




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