Just when the curtains was about to be drawn on the TESCON UDS-WA CAMPUS electoral process, one of the activities on the lists of the process was the VETTING process which was slated to be taken off at the regional party office opposite Old MTN office on February 28, 2016. All the aspirants and their sympathizers were crowded at the venue in various paraphernalia of the party. I must say, it was an eye-saw event.

The vetting process chaired by the electoral commission of the association and amongst them were the President, the WOCOM, the Judicial Board Chairperson, the Communication Director etc.. The aspirants balloted according to the portfolio and the Presidential aspirants were the last to be vetted. The Presidential aspirants were Mr Albert Nept Addo and Mr Iddrisu Abdul Hak.

It was the turn of the presidential aspirants with Mr Addo being the first to be vetted ahead of his opponent. It was exactly 4:15pm when Mr Addo submitted himself to the room to be vetted and to his surprise, a petition was laid before him by three (3) patriots namely; Mr Alhassan Sadat, Mr Ahmed Musa Sakarazu and Mr Nuhu Yushaw accusing him of bearing a TEIN UDS-WA CAMPUS card which they believe he registered for it on the February 13, 2016.

The accused person however, identified that, the signature signed against his name was not his signature, the telephone number on the supposed ID card wasn’t his and the picture used for was a picture he used for his university admission process in 2013.

On February 29, 2016 around 8:15 pm, we were reliably informed that, counsel for the respondent also sent their petition seeking an injunction on the release of the vetting results which they believe excluded their client and the election which was scheduled to take place on March 5, 2016. We are reliably informed that the judicial board granted requests and the matter is to appear for a fair hearing although date is not yet out.

The opposing association (TEIN UDS-WA CAMPUS) released a press statements denying the facts that Mr Addo did not and as a matter of fact has never registered to be a member of their association and cautioned the students populace and the general public to disregard the rumor and threatened to seek legal actions on anyone found of doctoring cards in the name of TEIN UDS-WA CAMPUS.

More to follow soon….

DANSO ERIC INKOOM (kobbydelta)


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