the snail helper


I was From lectures one day and I happen to chance on a gentleman who was trynna help a snail.


Help a snail? I thought. But then, yes. Help a snail… A snail is on its journey perhaps with its high muscular foot, with the help of its mucus to find food, water or rest. This man out of the blue felt pity for the young snail. He decides then to redirect this achatinoidea to his [the man’s preferred]direction.


In the process of doing that he picks up this young snail from the ground and attaches it to the stem of a big tree closer to him. To his maze, the mucus of the young snail fails to adhere to the stem of the tree. He stood there in this very act nearly five minutes, as I also chocked in my corner and looked on. Wondering. Could this be possible? I doubted. But then, I thought, in the word impossible, there is a possibility. Modify the former and you have [I’m Possible].


Finally, out of impatience, I think, this gentleman left the snail beneath the tree and marched on. Before you know, had he been successful, joy would have eclipsed his soul forever.


By: C-K Fiagbenu



Former student of University of Ghana Article writer|| Journalist|| Critic|| Altar server|| Peer Counselor # I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS ME

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