The Hope of Africa


My name is Jacob Osae Amanor. Recently, I met a level 300 Psychology student, and as we engaged in a conversation, I asked her if she can see through a wall. She looked at me for some time and I realized she did not fathom what I asked, so I asked her again; Can you see through a wall? That is the same question I am posing to you if you are reading this piece. Yes! I can see through a wall, but can you? She then asked me how one can see through a wall. The answer to this puzzle will be unraveled at the end of this piece.

The flag of Ghana is one of the greatest heritages that embellishes the fortitude of our nation. Designed by Mrs .Theodosia Salome Okoh, the flag of Ghana was adopted for the nation in 1957 after we gained independence. The red represents the blood our forefathers shed as they fought for our emancipation. The Yellow denote the mineral wealth of our nation, the green symbolises the country’s rich forests and natural wealth, and the black star is the symbol of African emancipation – the hope of Africa


Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah had a vision. He was a man who could see through the wall. He understood how formidably  unity can be. He knew the only way Africa was going to stand out was by uniting. With such passion he and other ardent leaders of the black continent pioneered the pan African movement to advocate for change and unity of our continent. But their idealism and philosophy was cut short by our own selfish desires. Most of time I ask myself what is so special about other developed continents. And to answer this, I think they are not special in any way.220px-Kwame_nkrumah

Our leaders had fought their own battle, now the baton has been handed over to us. As up and coming youth, who will be managing the affairs our nation, we have to understand that unity has always been the panacea. We the current generation and others to come are the hope of Africa. We are the ones that need to rise and change all the evil that has corrupted our nation and continent. We aspire to go to school not only to get a good job and have nice spouses and a model family. We are in school so we can train ourselves to be effectual agents of change in all aspects of our nation. Africa needs us, mother Ghana is wailing in bitterness, where is the stars that will ignite the lost hope. Where are the stars that will untie the poverty rope. We are the hope that Africa has been waiting for all this while, and we cannot fail.

So as I end this piece, like you reading this to remember that, the change that we all desire will only come if we decide to effect the change ourselves. We ought to appreciate the good works of our antecedents, learn from their successes and flaws and draw impeccable ways of doing better than them. The hope that will make Africa rise again is nobody but you. Let your light shine, let us see the beauty of you as the black star. So then finally, we can all appreciate that, we can all see through a wall, because we see with our minds, but look with our eyes; meaning anytime you imagine a thing you are seeing with your mind.

My name is Jacob Osae Amanor and you are the many reasons that I still believe in the redemption of Africa.




Joshua. M. Ngula

Posted by Joshua. M. Ngula

University of Ghana

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