“Suspension of Meal Plan was a Disappointment to Me”- Davis Ohene Fobi


Davis Ohene Fobi UG SRC President

The SRC president of the University of Ghana Davis Ohene Fobi has said that the suspension of the meal plan came as a great disappointment to him. In his state of the SRC address delivered on the floor of General Assembly, Mr. Fobi said plans were far advanced to ensure the fruition of the project.

The news of its suspension came two weeks to the rolling out of the program. Contracts were given out for the renovation of the various halls”.

According to him, there wasn’t proper transitioning from the old administration on the progress on the matter hence his request for three weeks to speak to students on what they wanted and also fashion out the modalities with the executive committee and the General Assembly

The meal plan which was planned to be implemented in the 2013/2014 academic year following research findings from Nugochi Memorial Institute for Medical Research at the University, that showed food eaten by the students is prepared under unhygienic conditions.

It was however vehemently opposed by the Eric Edem Agbana led administration citing infrastructural challenges and the attendant financial burden it will pose on parents.

He however, was opposed to the compulsory subscription to the program as a means of gaining residence into the university for freshmen. “Per the arrangement one cannot be resident and not subscribe to the meal plan” he added.

“I am sorry to disappoint those who didn’t want it but the suspension of the meal plan was a disappointment to me.” he grieved.

In his address however, Mr. Fobi did not state reasons why his administration mooted for the plan.

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