Success is not Individual


Success is not individual. (An Abbrieved Speech)

Many people try to make it seem that Success is individual. Take this from me: Success is not individual.

In order to achieve success in any field of life: be it Academics, Politics, Technology et cetera, you will need the help of other like minds to make it a Success. No matter the talents you have, the speeches you give, the articles you write or even the people you inspire, achieving success cannot be alone. Success is definitely not individual.

Nullifying the factor that ‘people’ are the ones who make one a success or amplify one’s success in any field, real success cannot be achieved individually.

You will need people to work with, people to move with, people who will understand your view points and people to flow with. You will need a team to achieve any success at all. Success is not personal. You celebrate with the team once you achieve it, and you move on together with other plans once you are ready. You have to do it with a team.

Nevertheless, some excluded circumstances can be successful individually. But to amplify success externally, you will need people, a team!

So on this day, whether you are planning as an aspirant, planning a coup, going out somewhere; always remember that People are the ones who amplify you, and they are the ones who make what you want to be, to be.

“The team, not the individual, is the ultimate champion” – Mia Hamm.

Success is not individual.



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