Success Is For Abnormal People: A Comprehensive Theory On Success.


imagesEverything in this world has its positive sides and its negative sides. Every single thing offers its positivity and its negativity. For most the things we see as good, the positive effects super cedes the negative effects, and for those we see as bad, the negativity super cedes the positivity. It all comes down to the same thing; every single thing created on this earth has its positive and negative sides. Every positive rout has a bad tarred road joined to it, and it is natural. That is why even pills have side effects. Everything has its positivity and negativity.

The same thing goes for what is said and told – even abnormality. There are two types of abnormality; positive and negative abnormality, depending on the effects it gives. Positive abnormality is one of the most successful, needed and committed pill/characteristic that has to be taken by an individual before he/she can experience success. Abnormality is the dormant common characteristic/trait that exists between all successful individuals in all regions in every age. From Prince Kofi Amaobeng, to Ps. Mensa Otabil, to Bill Gates etc. etc. – they all have in common, this ability of positive abnormality. Abnormality is a Good Thing!

To be abnormal simply means to be doing things out of the ordinary, out of the normal. All successful people do abnormal things. That is why they are classified differently, as “successful people” and not “normal/average people”. It is the abnormal things; things that are not normal, that they do that end them up in the bracket “successful people”. Doing abnormal things is what makes successful people. They do things that an average/normal person cannot/will not/does not do. That is why they are classified differently; as ‘Successful people’.

Successful people do not sleep for 8 hours. No, they don’t. This is one of the basic elements of successful people. The saying or quote goes like: ‘An *average person sleeps for 8hours a day’, not ‘a successful person’. That is why it is ‘an average person’ – ‘average people’. Successful people are not average people. An average successful person sleeps for 5 hours the most; and he or she is comfortable with that! Not everybody can do that; No! That is why Success is not for everybody. Well, Success *is for everybody, but not everybody has the ability to be positively abnormal, hence, success is not for everybody! It is so! Successful people in every sphere of life do abnormal things. If it wasn’t so, then everybody would have been successful, and the definition of success hence would have lost its touch/meaning. Success is not for everybody. No! It’s not!


Truly successful people do abnormal things of life. For example again, they don’t sleep for 8 hours, they sleep for 5hours. If an average successful person sleeps for 5 hours per day, then he/she has 3 more hours that an average person doesn’t have, to do the things that make him/her outstanding, or successful, and not normal or average. This means that in a week, if he/she sleeps for that 5 hours per day, every day, he/she has 21 hours spare in a week; and the rest of the 3 hours, he doesn’t need it for sleep, hence making 24 hours. This implies that he has another full day ahead of him/her each week, which an average person doesn’t. Successful people have 8 days in a week. This is what makes them successful. They do the abnormal things which give them the gap or the space for their success. This is something an average person doesn’t have.

In the spiritual realm, an average successful minister does/says things that an ordinary minister doesn’t do/say. That is what makes him/her a successful minister. In entrepreneurship, successful entrepreneurs think, act and react to situations differently, and take risks that ordinary entrepreneurs wouldn’t take. Successful students read, think and meditate differently on their books from all the other students. That is why they are classified differently as successful, not normal because they do abnormal things which give them abnormal results – success. Successful people take different paths from all the other people/generation. Successful people in all sphere of life, act, think, read, respond and speak differently. This is what makes them successful. These are the abnormal things.

For example again, they know, understand and appreciate the fact that success is not individual. That success cannot be attained individually, alone. That teamwork is important in achieving success. They know, understand and appreciate these principles. They believe and effectively utilize them, something that normal/average people would not easily do/comprehend.

Success, true success is for abnormal people. People who do the abnormal things get abnormal results in the natural realm (naturally). Success is not natural. Success is not normal. Success is for the abnormal people; wholly, fully and worldwide – no conditions attached!


From today, in order to be successful, you have to do abnormal things – things that are not normal, so you can get the abnormal positive results. Success is for abnormal people – People who do abnormal things. In order to be successful, you will have to do the positive abnormal things, so that you get the positive abnormal results – success!

The lesson on choices and circumstances puts it differently – You will live with the consequences of the decisions you make. If you make normal decisions, you get normal results. If you make abnormal decisions, you get abnormal results. Period!

For an individual to be successful, he or she has to do/make successful/abnormal decisions, and truly, success cannot escape such an individual.


Success is for Abnormal People.

Daniel D.K Amewor

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