UG Students Want Their Lecturers Compelled to Pass Them?


Messages currently going viral on social media platforms and conversations among students is that some section of the students at the University of Ghana Business School (UGBS) and the English department wants the Judicial Board of the University of Ghana to compel their lecturers to pass them.

Two courses which have been sent to the Judicial Board are the business mathematics and Semantics paper of the business school and English department respectively. It is said that the students who are grieved feel ill-treated by their lecturers for setting questions far beyond their standard. The messages circulated as written by the students of the English department had comments like “…we have witnessed gross mafia-ing on our conscience… The exam questions were unlawful and a violation of public order. Everybody left the hall with a sad face, and this is causing emotional stress to the highest degree. Not that we didn’t learn but the questions were killer with no options…,even Google has no answers”.

In a related development, a section of students of the business school share the same sentiment and have also petitioned the same Judicial Board to compel their lecturer to pass all the students who wrote the business mathematics paper. Their reason for this petition is that they were grossly disrespected and that the exam questions were “unlawful and a violation of public order”.

Both petitions circulating on social media has been addressed to the dean of students, heads of their departments , their lecturers and all their colleagues. However, their definition of what fairness in this sense is not clear and the petition does not clearly state whether the questions were out of their course outline or did not meet their expectations or what they understand by gross disrespect and violation of public order.

The story is still unfolding and ugfile will bring updates on the progress of this agitations and the response of authorities if the petition gets to them.

Joshua. M. Ngula

Posted by Joshua. M. Ngula

University of Ghana

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