His Excellency Richmond Sam-Quarm, the JCR president of Elizabeth Frances Sey Hall, at the senate meeting, held on Thursday March 11, 2016, read a speech on the state of the Junior Common Room of his hall. He highlighted various sectors ranging from Sports to welfare barely a month after assuming office. Please find below a summarized version of the Prez’s Speech compiled by Kofi Agyekum-Brobbey.


The president said in his speech, that the Hall Council notified them on the need to remind students (Continuing) to pay an amount of GHC 50 as plant fueling fee to enable them to provide light in times of power outages. Afore, the council had proposed that every student pay an amount of GHC80. The JCR reps at the Council’s meeting countered their proposal, suggesting GHC 30 laying strong emphasis on government’s assurance to curb this “DumSor” situation. “After long deliberations, we came to a compromise of GHC50.00. However we managed to persuade the council to make the amount paid, a one-time premium”, he said. Hence students would not have to pay any other amount as fueling fee next semester.


His Excellency Sam-Quarm, said he was aware of the ‘’DumSor’’ nature of our network ‘Blue cloud’ and said it was by design and not by fault. He told senate, that from enquiry, they got to know, that as part of the efforts of the University Council in making the University of Ghana a world class research-intensive institution, there is the need to intensify the Wi-Fi system since it is the main live-wire for student research. Work is ongoing to change the cables and add more routers to the infrastructure to make the connection easily accessible, even from the comforts of our beds. This project however, has contributed to the frequent outage in the ‘Blue Cloud’ connectivity. He used the opportunity to apologize for any inconvenience caused and stressed that it is however for our own betterment.


The president acknowledged the challenges that students in the hall face when it comes to water supply. He said his administration assumed power barely a month ago but have it on record that water supply levels decrease very often cutting parts of the hall off whiles others receive barely droplets. This is mostly on Saturdays when students need the water most. Responding to this, His Excellency Sam-Quarm made mention of the fact that one, out of the hall’s two water pumping machines is spoiled‘’ There is therefore the need to switch off the other one at certain periods to prevent it from breaking down as a result of work overload. Plans are underway to get the other pump in good shape, it is however very costly and that accounts for the delay’’, the president said.


His Excellency Sam-Quarm made mention of the fact that his administration did not meet enough funds in the JCR coffers. However, through the efforts of his able co-executives, particularly the treasurer; Hon. Lincoln, they are successfully managing the affairs of the JCR despite the numerous challenges that came their way. He was happy for the fact that the JCR’s budget for the second semester had a surplus which is actually the first time a surplus is being recorded in E.F.Sey history.


He further said that the JCR’s utmost duty is to ensure the maximum welfare of all students of this hall. He said, that prior to his official swearing in, he together with his co-executives conducted a feasibility studies. Among the pertaining issues were the non-functioning ceiling fans, broken wardrobes and security among others. His Excellency Sam-Quarm said, that among the scheduled programs of his administration is the replacement of ceiling fans, starting from the fully spoiled ones to the ones that do not function as expected. He also hinted that the JCR may begin with a Hundred Ceiling Fans. He subsequently said that they are currently in talk with the Hall management to increase security presence in our hall to reduce the instances of burglary.


In the speech of the president, he acknowledged the fact that, as of the time of the immediate past administration, the hall only participated in two sporting activities.’’ With the effort of the newly appointed Sports Secretary and his committee, we have increased our sporting activities to three and I am glad to announce that our hall placed 2nd in the inter halls Chess competition’’, he said.

In his conclusion, Hon. Sam-Quarm said, that the JCR is in a better state of realising the maximum welfare of the members of his hall. He used the opportunity to congratulate newly sworn in senators, members of the various committees, the Speaker of Senate, his deputies and members of the judicial Board on their appointments. He subsequently charged them, to discharge their duties diligently, without any fear or favor.

Written By:
Kofi Agyekum Brobbey
University of Ghana



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