We are once again nearing another students’ election period in UDS. Many hopefuls have popped up even long before the last elections. One would expect them to have started doing things to alleviate the many challenges facing students but that is not the case. They have rather directed their energies to things many of us believe are unnecessary. Maybe they just want to be more popular among students to win the elections. But is that going to do the trick for them?

One common thing you are likely to see them do is plagiarize the writings of other people. As people seeking to occupy vital positions in the students’ front, one would expect them to be a bit creative. Such positions require the services of those who can sit and think for themselves and not feed on everything from the public.

It is not uncommon to see one person write something only for these hopefuls to plagiarize the next minute. Sometimes, they even fail to correct the mistakes in such write-ups. I saw one of such write-ups about three weeks ago with grammatical errors in almost every sentence. That same information was shared by almost all the hopefuls with the same mistakes in the write-up, with their names beneath it. None of them saw the need to correct the mistakes. I was shocked to find the same thing on facebook.

I was only embarrassed because the person added that he is a student of UDS. What do you want others to think of us? Please try and write things for yourselves and stop the unnecessary plagiarism. The SRC PRO, Sampson, put together a piece this morning. About 30 minutes later, another person, possibly a hopeful, edited it as if he was the original author.

Most people too keep sharing the same message on one platform more than necessary. Maybe they don’t know it’s a nuisance to many readers. I have had to tell some hopefuls to stop sending me multiple messages. All of a sudden, most of them too have become motivational speakers. They go and pick motivational messages they have seen elsewhere and make them seem as if they are the original authors. I dare to say most of them have not even set their eyes on the books from which such messages are culled from.

Again, as people who are potentially going to lead people from different political parties, you will see them making political arguments. They are either defending NDC or NPP. What is wrong with you guys. Don’t you have your own minds any longer? Or are you going to do biddings for politicians? Last year, we had an election without knowing the parties that the SRC president, Bernard Amoh, or his closest contender, Prince Aboagye Sakyi, belong to. That is maturity.

Look, it is time student leaders stop being errand boys and girls for politicians. They will respect you more when they realise you can think and act for yourselves. If you continue this way, the possibility of our country remaining where it is very high. Focus on what will benefit students, and when you are done serving the interest of students, you can do your national politics.

You don’t need to be sending us messages always to win our votes. There are many things you can do. Fight for the rights of students. When you do this, your name will be written in our hearts forever and you don’t even need long talks to win.

Finally, some of them too have resorted to tricks to portray them as people who care for us. They constantly send us messages, asking how we are faring. Stop pretending and be yourself. I do not waste my thumb on those who pretend. Last year, something pushed me to voluntarily follow one candidate, Prince Aboagye. He did not ask me to. I only saw the desire in him to serve students. Even though he lost that election, he still calls and sends me messages. Such a person is not fake. There are others too who will never mind you and when you bump into them somewhere, they tell you, “I have lost your contact”. Runaway from such people. I follow people not to make money but to cause change and improve on things we have come to meet.

Next time, you want us to believe you can motivate, make sure you write things yourself or just reference the owners of the write-ups. Be neutral and stop the unnecessary political arguments, for we are people from diverse political backgrounds.

Don’t be offended, just do the right thing.

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NB: The writer’s talk of message sharing and plagiarism was mostly in reference to messages shared in whatsapp groups.

Domfeh Emmanuel( sir noble)

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