Dear Sir,

In fulfillment of my promise made to you in my first letter to write series of letters to your office, I write today to prompt you on some key issues that needs urgent address.

Before that, I hope you and the rest of your executives especially that “black untwisted lanky beautiful deputy errand girl are fine? Your able Vice President and the Ultimate General Manager have been telling me how you are trying hard to make sure the Campus Radio starts operating. But don’t you think, you should tell the student populace about what is delaying the come back of it ? Chioma ( launch time host ) says she hasn’t been able to be walking on the street of Bamahu since she becomes speechless whenever students ask her information about the Radio Station. As she being a presenter at that station, I think it’s unfair that her colleague presenters and herself aren’t privy to the reason for the delay of the coming back of the station. I vividly remember that, last trimester, a circular was released from your Public Relations Unit informing us that, the mouth piece of UDS Wa Campus has been restored. “If it has been restored, why is it not in operation” – this is the question many students have been asking the presenters who knows less or nothing about the coming back of the station. With all humbleness, I suggest you quickly alert your PRO to address the people you serve on the current state of Ultimate Radio.

Mr. President, I know if you heed to this my call, the only avenue which has become your administration’s only solace in addressing students is social media platform. Students who ain’t interested in Whatsapp and Facebook are always not updated on issues concerning SRC as though they ain’t students of this institution. I doubt if I could exempt the local NUGS Secretariat. Hmmm, with them, they even send their “internal memorandum” externally to the students populace through Whatsapp pages. Well, kindly remind the Zebra Boy who happens to be our External Affairs President, Mr. Nkrumah Jacob that, students need their “Biometric Birth Certificates and Passports”. Many of those who paid are afraid he (Nkrumah) will ransack them just like how one of the former local NUGS Presidents did.
That is the need for him to at least also update the students about the progress of that project he embarked with his other NUGS executives. After all, we students deserve some respect. Don’t forget, respect is reciprocal.

That reminds me, what at all is preventing your administration from using the SRC website which was one of the most bragged about achievements of the Bernard Amoh led administration. It has become a traditional and accepted fact that the SRC website has become a white elephant. After that huge amount which was invested in making the website come into existence, it has been abandoned sheepishly since you took office. Sometimes students don’t need much from you. Sometimes we just need you to tell us why things are not rightly done. Bridging the communication gap is one of the surest way to win our heart. You can leave a positive footprint in the minds and hearts of students unlike some of your predecessors.

Please, when ever you feel like it is unnecessary to inform students about what is happening to the SRC, always join me to sing the song by our Ghanaian female vocalist, Efya that, ” the little things that you do, ……”. Let me be hasten to add that, students of the campus, Wa which undeniably has become the heart of UDS, are waiting for the EMERGENCY LOAN FUND you promised in your manifesto.

Thank you.

Yours in the Students Struggle;
Domfeh Emmanuel( Sir Noble)
An agent of positive change

Domfeh Emmanuel( sir noble)

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