With the current trend of finding every essential service online, many entrepreneurs are churning out creative means to connect service providers and their clients. One of such online platforms where skilled persons are going to meet potential customers is Riteskill!
The uniqueness of Riteskill (www.riteskill.com) is that it is more than a job portal. It is an online platform where both professionals and non-professionals can upload and update their portfolios to enable them attract people who may need their services sooner or later. Unlike many other social media platforms, Riteskill is going to connect everybody to achieve their goals and earn money as well. Yes earn! Riteskill, thus, goes by the tagline, “Connect. Achieve. Earn.”
“Riteskill will go beyond the LinkedIns, Facebooks and other social media platforms we have around. Someone in Ghana with a skill in writing, for instance, can update their portfolio on Riteskill and transact business with another in USA, for instance, who needs their service and be paid accordingly,” Austa Mireku, founder of Riteskill explained.
Set to be unveiled in March 2017, Riteskill will blaze the trail as a fun-filled, global platform which is going to connect big businesses and start-ups aside making it possible for anyone with any skill get paid for it by another who needs such skills.
The UK-based Ghanaian entrepreneur continued, “I had always dreamt of a common platform where aside all the fun, people will be paid for every skill they have, even if it is providing content that makes fun. That is why Riteskill was born.”
Austa Mireku is a high profile entrepreneur who has created and invested into many online businesses across the world. He currently runs AustaAid, a non-profit making global group that aims at meeting the needs of humanity in any form.
“Needless to go searching for a job anymore. Riteskill is going to connect the world to earn,” Austa hinted. “Just sign up and upload your details on www.riteskill.com,” the business developer concluded.

Source: Scribe News.



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