Remove The Political Lenses



Without any inducement or coercion, people are expected to show their political stance without fear or favour. And in discussing issues that affect us and our development, it is important that we take objective positions. However, in Ghana, judgments are often made wearing political lenses making discussions on national issues less objective. We pass judgments based on political party affiliation.

During media discussions, we often have political representatives discussing solutions to problems affecting the country from archeological, economic through to zoological perspectives. While there are experts in such fields under discussion who can offer better solutions to the problems, we listen to party representatives who only see problems through their political lenses and give propaganda solutions to score political points.

NPP and NDC will always disagree because of their different individual political interests. In order words, political parties will quite obviously always be biased in their discussions so I wonder why the selection of panelists for discussions on national issues is usually based on political parties.

What is even more annoying is that during phone-in sessions, party foot-soldiers call in only to further emphasize party stands instead of  agreeing and disagreeing, to find solutions to the problems being discussed. The whole time is then wasted on unnecessary arguments that bring no development.

The situation is even more upsetting when this attitude is perpetuated at the national level. In the Parliament house for instance, we have sections – majority and minority. Ah! what has representation of the people got to do with where someone stands in national issues? When a policy is introduced by the ruling government, and as is usually the case, majority will exclaim ‘yeaah-yeah’ and minority ‘nooo-no’ without considering the substance of the policy. In the end, majority wins even if the policy is not a good one.

When someone is involved in corruption he quickly puts on his party paraphernalia and the fight now becomes a party fight, and he goes away scot-free. Appointments are based on party loyalty and not competence. A building engineer is made the finance minister and the economy fails. As for who suffers in the end, our leaders do not care.

As long as we continue to wear political lenses, objectivity will always be missing from our judgments and our development will always be retarded. So in this piece, I want to call on all Ghanaians to put party affiliations and attachments aside by removing their political lenses so we can all see clearly and contribute meaningfully to socioeconomic development. For a prosperous Ghana means prosperous Ghanaians.

Joshua. M. Ngula

Posted by Joshua. M. Ngula

University of Ghana

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  1. Raymond Taaku says:

    Well said bro; Objectivity is really a missing item in Ghana as far as politics is concerned which has,and continues to drag the nation back.

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