Reading Rooms and Kitchens Turn Into Churches and Conference Rooms!


Upon all the places reserved and allocated for religious worship and private meetings, many Christian groups and individuals have resorted to using the reading rooms and kitchens for church services and meetings.

It is very upsetting to have to look for a reading room far from your room because the one close to your room has been hijacked for a church service or a meeting. What is even more upsetting is having to carry your own chair to the reading room because the chairs there were sent to a different room for a church service or a meeting but were never returned. Do not be mistaken though; the activities of these Christian groups and individuals do not only affect the bookworms.

Imagine you were going to take your bath but because water wasn’t flowing in your room you decided to go and fetch some from the kitchen. You open the kitchen door, and then walk in on a church service or a meeting. Interrupted by your intrusion, they all turn to look at you in your boxers, towel or nightie (in the case of a girl).

Sometimes you don’t even have to need the reading rooms or kitchens, to be inconvenienced by the activities of these Christian groups. If you are just unlucky to have your room close to a reading room or a kitchen used for church services, you are bound to have your sleep disturbed by late night praises and worship that can be heard across the whole floor; let alone in a room close to where the service is being held.

I plead with the JCR executives to try and resolve this situation because students are being inconvinienced a lot by such activities.

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