Prepare Yourselves- Hon Agyarko Tells Students


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Akuafo hall of the University of Ghana is celebrating its week. The “Ay3 late” week celebration had some leaders in the political sphere speak to the students of the hall today at the hall’s quadrangle. It was dubbed Legon Speaks on the theme “Ghana’s Tomorrow, The Youth As Stakeholders”.

During the programme the member of parliament for the Ayawaso West Wuogon Hon E.K. Agyarko who has the University of Ghana in his constituency said he was happy to be with the students and that he was committed to helping students in his capacity in  anyway possible. He however admonished the students to prepare themselves as they graduate into the Ghanaian economy which does not provide immediate means of employment.

Honourable Agyarko as he is known recounted that during his time there were more jobs and opportunities available unlike today where the jobs are virtually nonexistent. He explained that the supply of graduates  far exceed demand by the economy. This has made it very competitive and it will take graduates who have prepared themselves and are ready to face the challenges to survive in the economy.

Honourable Agyarko had earlier charged the government to provide an enabling environment for the youth to exploit and tasked the students to be innovative, be willing to volunteer to solve problems as this will open them up for opportunities.

Dr Zenator Rawlings who is the daughter of the former president, Mr J J Rawlings was also of the same view as she added her voice to the call on the students to prepare themselves. She said that students need not fold their arms and wait on the government to provide them opportunities but they should take advantage of their environment and solve  problems. She advised the students not set money ahead of everything they do. She said ” the money will definitely follow once you are focused on what you are doing”.

After the long interaction with the students, the senior tutor of the hall Dr Von Vordzorgbe thanked the speakers for the insight giving to the students and said that he believes it was going to impact the students greatly.

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