Your Excellency,

The overflowing veneration I owe your most revered office would not authorize me the disgruntled dishonor of refusing to congratulate you on your well fought battle in the just past 7th December elections. Indeed, the relentless efforts you and your team invested in the course recompensed you the elephant and unsurprising victory. For this reason, I say congratulations for that well defined feat.

It is however significant you realize that this letter is not an epic neither is it one only merely centered on congratulating you. This letter is actually necessitated by the just drop shipped National budget of the year which has once again denied (in my opinion) the National Service Personnel an increment in their allowance. Your Excellency, what has even made the cry insurmountable is the opposite re-installment of Teacher and Nursing trainee allowances designed to take effect in 6 months.
Perhaps, you will concur with me in my assertion that the campaign for the increment of these service personnel allowance has been a course championed years before.

However, the just transitioned out President would not listen to the cries of the loud. Not until some few days to the end of his tenure after he lost the election to you, that his myopia for the pertinence to the said increment received treatment. And causing him to mention an over 60% increment to supplement the existing not enough amount. I must also mention without mincing words that accompanying this increment was also the increment in salaries of civil service personnel which has already been catered for.

For this reason and many others unmentioned, I feel that you and your government have behandled the National service personnel unfairly and with little respect.
His Excellency let me in a way digress a little bit in my endeavor to let you know how honoring National Service is an expedient obligation in this country of ours. You would recall that the minister-designate for Gender, Children and Social Protection Madam Otiko C. Djaba was at the time found guilty of not honoring her national service responsibility to the state during her vetting session in Parliament. As for what followed as questions to her abilities, I leave it to you. Unarguably, this alone tells the role National Service Persons play in this country and the kind of importance they serve. Meanwhile, their remuneration can only be compared to malnourish.

In fact, it must be brought to light that I totally fathom it is a service undertaken to facilitate development in our own country. And as patriotic citizens we should even be willing to do that at no cost at all. However, it must also clearly be mentioned that, even public and civil servants need some motivation to be able to do their work diligently. So when this is missing, their inefficiency in effectiveness becomes a promising danger.

Your Excellency, may I now draw an analogy for you to probably understand why I feel it matters more to serve the increment in allowances of service personnel rather than Teacher and Nursing trainees. Sir, as much as my conscience can serve me right, the unemployment rate in this country without deviation affects University graduates than it does to those of the training institutions. Due to this, I have found it rather ridiculing if we can decide to pay monies to these trainees, to in fact enrich themselves whilst the University graduates finish only getting themselves wandering on the streets, all as a cause of ‘ no jobs’.

Indeed, the irony of our situation demands instant medication. That is, instead of giving these monies to the trainees, I would recommend that owing to their proximity of gaining employment as compared to their university counterparts after their courses of study, we actually rather allocate a part of that national cake to make the increment in allowances of Service personnel whom are left to their own peril after the University. When this happens, I believe they would as everyday life demands spend some and still have something to save for a future entrepreneurship purpose which would actually leave them employed also.
His Excellency, you might have also even blotted out that we equally have some Nursing and Teacher trainees in the Universities.

What then denies these people same treatment, once you have decided to honor the demands of the diploma and certificate acquirers? Maybe, your reason for crediting them the allowance is that they are not ending up with a degree. But your Excellency, if that is just your reason, I stand to disagree. It is time we realized that, education is all a choice and the jobs students feel they should take on is supposed to be something they are compassionate for. So, would we say that because some have chosen to be in the universities, then they don’t deserve such treatment? Obviously no!

Your Excellency, I have always believed that until we learn to right our societal wrongs, they are gradually perpetuating into wronging our society. It is time the cries of the national service persons are given a listening ear. Not until we realize that these personnel actually deserve than they are given, the discrimination still continues. I HOPE THIS LETTER REACHES YOUR HIGHLY RESPECTED OFFICE.

Bayuoni Dramani Maazu (Negus the poet)

Bayuoni Dramani

Posted by Bayuoni Dramani

Student poet, Writer and Activist

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