We face problems everyday as humans. And naturally and expectedly we strive to overcome such problems of life.
Many a times we do cross these deserts into our promise land. But did you know it took Moses and his fellow Jews about 40 years to reach their destination? A journey that could have taken them months to complete had they taken a different route. But since that’s a different topic let me just leave it there.

Our people say you do not put a square peg in round hole. Our problem today is that our leaders do not have the minutest clue of how to go about the problems they have created in their own laziness, aloofness and pride. They create stupid problems and think they can solve it by talking about the problems. Please let the press and pressure groups do the talking and go to work.

If I had my way all our politicians from ‘oga at the top’ to ‘one village one dam’ and their associates should be brought up on charges and publicly flogged.

*Problem #1 Democracy.*
There’s just so much dirty and unnecessary complications with this ideology and our so called leaders lift it ‘direct direct’ and force on us, then when we are in school and lift from the internet they call it plagiarism. What do they know at all?

They shout on top of their voices independence of the Judiciary. Who appoints the Chief Justice? The President. Who appoints ALL justices of the supreme court? The president. And then you come to me talking to me about independence of judiciary. What do know?

Independent Electoral Commission, but the writers of the so called constitution believe a politician should be the one to appoint the leadership of such a salient institution.
What is the purpose of the independence if fairness cannot be guaranteed? Useless. Are the members of such institutions stones that they cannot appoint leaders for themselves? And if they are stones why don’t we replace them with human beings.

You Charlotte Osei or whatever you call yourself, you were making noise in this country that you are not under any authority and you subsequently claimed autonomy, removed the coat of arms from the logo of the Electoral Commission in a re-branding that cost the tax payer a gruesome amount; which you REFUSED to account for, and later, saying you won’t take orders from any court of jurisdiction or that you can’t be ordered by a court of jurisdiction. Fine, me I no get pee about that. If such is the case, do you think you’re justified going to court yourself for whatever reason? The Supreme Court justices will disappoint me a lot if they don’t strike out your appeal and fine you an amount that your generations cannot even finish paying.

*#Social problems*
We talk about solving social problems, human right issues and our leaders talk about arrests. What have you done to curb menaces such as FGM? and they believe they have produced a fantastic answer by saying they have arrested they people involved. Who told you that you can change what someone believes in by arresting them or let me say arresting a party involved in the process. These people hold a certain belief and arresting them only makes the conflict more complicated than it already is. You can use booties to brainwash illiterates to vote for you but you find it a herculean task to brainwash people that believe in such human right abuses.

Arresting the agents will just make people bent on carrying out this evil deeds change the agents. I know ‘education’ have been attempted I will say, but to what extent?

Maybe you should go back to the colonial master to teach you the tricks they used to lure you and your parents.

We have succeeded in creating a system where politicians make so much noise about what they use the tax payer’s money to do as if they did use their pocket money. To what extent have they tackled human right issues though? Their messages are full of attacks and counter attacks as if we are in a cold war. Mental health nurses strike because of lack of working materials and you think the solution to that is to release a press statement to say you are not aware of the situation, but you believe you have a minister designate. I am just going to point it out, that’s irresponsible.

Our problems date back to the very document we call a constitution that keeps oppressing us. Not to undermine its importance but I just hope someone else has taken time to scrutinise the numerous blunders we have copied, no, they have copied blindly and imposing on us in the name of democracy.

There are trained experts in all these fields that could help in the fixing but they are making noise around that “change is coming” and “JM TOASO”, while the bellyfull illiterates are riding in V8s and taking 7000 plus allowances home a month, that’s plus benefits.

1. Our leaders claim that they are going to help orphans and they go to the orphanage to donate 10 bags of rice. ARRRRRR HOW DARE THEM!!!!. If it’s food they need to get a future do you think it’s you that will provide that for them.

2. You go to a fishing community and because it’s elections season you go pour a number of outboard motors down and come to the capital to complain that fishing is destroying water bodies.
We don’t need you to tell us!!!! That’s why we are paying you 12000 from our hard earned money. Fix it which ever way you can and stop putting square pegs in round holes.

3. Your child fails in all his subjects and out of your 40+ years experience on this earth, you believe the way out is to lash him. Lazy man.!!! Let the tutors do the ‘lashing’ and find what ever way you can to help discover your child.

4. Until we realise that, the answer to our USELESS educational system, that can only produce big brains and not big hands, building these same schools will only keep us as a global south country.

I lost my self in the write up so in case you are lost too just take this as my topic sentence or thesis statement, whichever you like.
In our part of the world, we and mostly our leaders try so much to ‘solve’ the problems facing us but more often than not, they are just putting square pegs in round holes.
Pens down..

By Oswald K. Azumah



Former student of University of Ghana Article writer|| Journalist|| Critic|| Altar server|| Peer Counselor # I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS ME

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