No Dumsor as Exams Approaches-S.R.C President assures UG Students


Joshua Dogbe, S.R.C President

With a little over a week to exams, students of the University of Ghana, legon were getting a bit worried about the frequent power outages that tend to trouble campus and the nation as a whole. In previous semesters, the S.R.C had successfully negotiated for exemptions during revision week and exam week.
The S.R.C in a statement issued by the Public Relations Office, has assured students of successful negotiations to have campus exempted from the power outages during revision week and exam week. The statement also addressed concerns about the delay in the installation of the power plants. The statement however reveals a bit of difficulty getting an exemption for the area around pentagon. Below is the statement signed by GRASAG President, Reginald Arthur and S.R.C President Joshua Dogbe:
The SRC and GRASAG wishes to use this medium to apologize for the delay in the delivery of the power plants as promised earlier this semester.
The reason for this delay has been the failure on the part of the supplier to provide the electrical plants on time. The assurance has however been given that the plants would still be provided within the semester even as it draws to an end.
In the meantime, we have negotiated with ECG to exempt campus from the power outages during our revision week and exams. The request has been upheld and the assurance is that, there would be power available for our studies starting this weekend. Meanwhile, there are efforts to exempt the areas around Pentagon (at least in the evenings) to allow for some balance in the distribution. The technical challenge with this effort has been the fact that it falls on the same grid with Madina and other externalities.
Lastly, we do not seek to defend the inability of the contractor to provide the plants on time or ask that students do not demand for services they have rightfully paid for. Instead, we hope to use this medium to ask that students remain calm in these times of national crisis so that we can collectively find a lasting solution to this challenge.
In the meantime, we would continue to pressure University management to uphold its promise of fixing the plants in all halls of residence before the semester ends. Thank you.
Joshua Dogbey
SRC President
Reginald Arthur
GRASAG President
Issued By: Public Relations Office, UG SRC

Joseph Kofi Frimpong Ackah-Blay

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