Naa joins Sarbah race. ‘Agyingo Jesus’ quits for SRC.

With a few more weeks ahead of this year’s Mensah Sarbah Hall JCR elections, Ms. Naa Aleenor Anang, a recently elected member of the SRC General Assembly has declared her intentions to vie for the Vice Presidency of the JCR. This was disclosed in an exclusive interview between UG file and the former student of Tema Secondary School earlier this week.

In her opinion, “the Junior Common Room (JCR) has seen significant progress over the past few years and she intends to build upon it and add her quota“; hence her running. Commenting on her policy initiatives, Naa indicated that her policies are still under intense construction in order to arrive at very feasible policies. She however noted that her policies would focus on the pertinent welfare challenges facing students as well as female empowerment in the hall. The running public perceptions about Naa include her humility and hospitable nature.

Her inclusion in this year’s contest raises the tally of JCR aspirants to a total of four; with Mr. Pius Baidoo vying for the JCR Presidency, Mr. Derek Kwesi Okai (Sage) eyeing the General Secretaryship and Mr. Isaac Kweku Hooper in contest for the Organising Secretary. Unconfirmed rumours also have it that Mr. Mariwan Ismaila, the incumbent JCR Sports Secretary may be seeking to get reelected for the second time.

The startling twist to the contest so far is the withdrawal of Mr. Isaac Agyemang (Agyingo Jesus) from the Presidential race. Mr. Agyemang, who is the incumbent Organising Secretary of the JCR earlier set his sail in what promised to be a fierce contest between himself and Mr. Pius Baidoo for the Presidency. Facts on the ground however suggest that the ardent ICGC member is now braced to contest the SRC Presidency next year instead.

His latest ambition draws him into contest with his bosom, Mr. Bismark Kwaku Asante, a resident of Commonwealth Hall. The concern now is whether their political ambitions will injure their long held friendship or otherwise. Subsequently, It has been suggested for the two buddies to merge and run as President and Vice President later next year.

Some political analysts on campus have however shot down the suggestion on the grounds of the proximity of both halls and the seeming rivalry between their respective traditional outfits. The ‘Okpo’ outfit from Mensah Sarbah Hall and the ‘Vandals’ from Commonwealth have been involved in some mild clashes in recent times hence the dismissal of their merger.

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