Kyei-BaffourIn a week of violent splendor Ghana reasserts its standing as one of the worst places for kids as we have the usual pedophile action in addition to dead three year old girl and a four year old who almost joined her all in the name of juju. This week also saw a crisp well done girl fight which did not end well for either party.

Let’s get some of the child brutalities out of the way and a 21 year old factory hand, Michael Kwame Nyamo has had his penis in the wrong places and by wrong places I mean in between the legs of an eight year old. Nyamo was accused of defiling an eight year old at Sapieman on Tuesday and appeared before an Accra Circuit Court where he pleaded not guilty to charges. He has since been remanded into remanded into lawful custody to reappear in court on November 3.

The mother of the alleged victim brought forth charges following the incident. Nyamo runs errand for the complainant and her husband and on October 15 the victim’s father took a trip to his home town and asked the accused, whom he trusted, to keep the company of his daughter and her mother in his absence. Nyamo was to share a room with the eight year old – Uh oh.

The mother woke up in the dead of the night to check on her girl and she found Nyamo having sexual intercourse her daughter. Probably the worst thing this mother will ever see. The complainant confronted Nyamo and told him that she would inform her husband when he returned. I would have gone with the police immediately. If it were murder she would have involved the police but hey, she only witnessed her child being raped so no biggie.

The matter was lated transferred to the DOVSU and Nyamo was eventually arrested. Initial investigations reveal that Nyamo may have defiled this girl sexually on two different occasions which makes sense. It would have been kind of odd to jump right into rape on the first day without some creepy pedophile foreplay. He’s behind bars now and I wonder how this story plays out if the father walked in on his daughter being raped.

We move on to some relationship tips; how NOT to deal with cheating in a relationship. A jealous woman set the woman sleeping with her man ablaze killing her in one of the most gruesome ways possible. Akua Mansa claimed the victim was having an affair with her boyfriend and therefore decided to teach her a bitter and permanent lesson.

An eyewitness who spoke to Oman FM on Tuesday said, Akua had accused her boyfriend, Kwesi Adom, of having an affair with the victim because of shady calls and text messages but he denied vehemently like any noble cheating man would. The plot thickened when Kwesi moved to Akyem Kusi to be closer to his new lover. An enraged Akua Mansa initiated steps to locate her rival and succeeded. Akua found her fast asleep in her room and the temptation was too great I reckon. She doused this girl in petrol on her and set her ablaze.

“The victim begun shouting for help but Akua had locked the door so it took sometime before we could break in only to find her burnt to ashes”.  Surely “ashes” is a bit of an exageration.

There was a plot twist though. After committing the heinous murder Akua Mansa tried to escape but was caught by residnets and some reports indicate that she was beaten to death for her grisly actions. Other reports say she was just beaten to a pulp till police intervened. Either way this is probably a ni99er moment because the man they were fighting over probably wasn’t worth it. Maybe if he had the balls to actually break up with Akua nobody ends up burnt to a pulp but it is what it is and what it is is a ni99er moment in the simplest terms.

List of reasons for a three-year-old girl to be murdered is pretty small I reckon but it appears juju is firmly on that list. A toddler was found dead in a river at Ejisu-Jamasi in the Ashanti Region, in what looks like ritual murder as she was missing her left eye with half the hair on her head shaved of and three incisions on her back. The cruel happenstance is said to have thrown the entire residents of Ejisu-Jamasi into a state of fear and panic as a the news of dead toddler should.

The little girl was actually visiting this small town last Saturday and went missing just hours after her arrival with her mother. Police were later involved following her disappearance and a search was conducted all over town but the girl was not found till the dawn of Monday were her body was discovered floating in a river by some children who went fishing. Sika ye mogya is all I’ll say.

There was some measure of a silver lining for the little ones as a fetish priest had the decency to turn in a 19-year-old who allegedly presented his four-year-old nephew to be killed for ritual purposes at Pobiman in Accra. This craziness is literally happening in contemporary Ghana. The suspect, Kyei Baffour, is said to have lured his nephew to the fetish priest’s shrine after he had pre-arranged with the priest to offer the boy for sacrifice. Now the priest requested for two fowls to kick start rituals in the name of accruing money (what else) but Baffour felt he wanted to be double sure so he offered to sacrifice his own kin. Also he couldn’t afford two chickens so an actual human life would have been cheaper. Kyei-Baffour

The fetish priest explained to Baffour that the ritual required blood and that it would mean killing the boy but Baffour is said to have been adamant. He didn’t flinch at the thought of watching his nephew’s blood spilt. He wanted to make money at all cost and so decided to go ahead with the rituals. This priest went aside to secretly call the police informing on this premeditated act of murder. A team of policemen was swiftly dispatched to the shrine to arrest the suspect and rescue the boy who was later handed over to his gamgam. The boy’s grandmother had gone to church that evening and left the boy at home. God was on her side I reckon. I smell a testimony this Sunday.

The fetish priest told the police that Baffour had called him on phone after seeing his billboard saying he (Baffour) wanted to be rich, as his friends were getting richer – dumb ass. Baffour had been provisionally charged with kidnapping but there’s no indication of an attempted murder charge which should feature I reckon.

This post of zero chill for children ends with the arrest of a public toilet operator who took the liberty of his position to molest a nine year old girl a couple of weeks ago. The 67-year-old Alfred Padi Mensah lured his victim to the children’s block of the female toilet and inserted his finger into her genitalia because I imagine fingering minors was on his bucket list.

HIVThe girl however did not report this incident till she was sexually assaulted a second time by a different and younger man in a (her) primary school block. This time her parents were made aware of the dire sexual assaults and the police and DOVSU were involved. The two suspects were subsequently arrested and will soon be arraigned before court pending further investigations.

I can’t call this a happy ending but penance beckons which is a good thing. My crime of the week probably goes to lethal bout of bad blood between the two women who are most likely dead – well at least one is, burnt to a crisp.

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