Today is the 18th of April, the 3rd full week of the April month. This is the season where students all over the country get to write their Interim Assessments and some get to prepare for their examinations in the upcoming weeks. It is a season of seriousness, whereby no excuses have to be tolerated whatsoever.

Excuses are like Moral Characters. They show the flaws in human nature/character. Excuses make one morally decadent and gives space for freedom to the morally insecure. Excuses are traits of weakness and inability. Excuses unmake your true abilities and places you in another (i.e. lower) class of citizens in society.

In this season of seriousness, a lot of plans would be made to study, go to lectures on-time, give specific set goals to a day to accomplish et cetera. If these goals are not accomplished, one tends to give Excuses, not Reasons, for not achieving them. There is no room for Excuses. Excuses are not Reasons. You can achieve whatsoever you plan, with those reasons in place. There is no room for Excuses this week, or any to come.

You can achieve anything, accomplish anything, at all, if only you put your mind to it. If only you make your mind to do it. If only you have no room for an excuse. Having the mindset of giving an Excuse gives room for one to fail. If you know you can’t have an Excuse, there can’t be any failure. It is not possible. You can live through this week without co towing to excuses. Live above Excuses. You are above them.

Nike - Just Do It.

Nike – Just Do It.

You have to go for a lectures an hour before time? You have only 1-hour tutorials on a day? You plan on waking up at dawn to finish/do an assignment? You really have to submit that project work before time gets up? You have the ability to do so! Nothing can stop you, except yourself. Live above Excuses. Excuses are lower than you. You can do it, if only you put your mind to it. Choose not to conform to Excuses this Week! Live out who you are, now!

Excuses are like Unforgiveness – they are for the weak. Only the strong forgive, and only the strong live without giving excuses – delivering to Perfection. The weak reside hate and revenge, and give excuses.

So, are you the weak, or you are the strong?


(Inferred from original article Those Who Give Excuses – Blog Post)

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