Message from the Monday Man: The Contents of your Actions


It’s not about writing, but about what you write. It’s not about speaking, but about what you say. It’s not just about performing any activity or action, but about the contents of your activity – that is what gives value and quality to your activity.

Many people have the abilities and ‘special gifts’ to write and to speak excellently. But what gives value to a speaker? What gives an article value? It is the content. That is what differentiates one speaker from another, although they are both gifted with the ability to speak and influence.

The contents of your actions are what gives value to your actions, and not just the actions. That is what gives the necessary value to your speeches. That is what makes your articles readable by a lot. That is what spreads you, and not just your ability.

Do you pay attention to your speeches and your articles? Or you just write them because everyone else is. Do you just make any comment on social media? Or you just speak because everyone else is. Do you give value to your presentations? Are your presentations valued? Is there quality in your submissions? Are they revered?

There are a lot of TedX speakers and videos worldwide: but then only a few are shortlisted as ‘TedX Best Speakers’ or ‘TedX Best Videos’. It is not because of the length of the video, or the frequency of the speaker, but because of the character of the video – the content and quality it projects. Why are some speakers upheld more than others, although they are all speakers? Are you seeing it? Are your submissions worthy? Or are they just lengthy.

Give quality to your submissions. Make your articles and speeches worth reading and listening to. Let every minute spent with you be worthwhile. Let every word you say be taken into consideration. You have to do it yourself, not anybody else doing it for you.

Don’t succumb yourself into spreading propaganda or contributing to gossip. Your words are valuable. You don’t just waste them. You are the change your peers might be looking for. Don’t succumb to these pressures. Speak when you ought to, and let your words carry value.

Don’t just talk when everybody is talking. Don’t just act when everybody is acting. Let you, your words and actions, carry meaning. You should be revered because of your presence.

Many people speak because they have the ability to speak, and write because they are good writers. That is not the motive of writing and speaking. You write and speak to give out information – to influence others. If your submissions are lacking these traits, you should know where you fall. Speak when you have to speak. Write when you have to write. Comment when you have to, and your submissions will be revered. Your presence will be respected.

Do you speak because you want to say something? Or you speak because you have something to say? There is a gap of a universe’ difference between these two. When you talk, let your submissions be meaningful, and valuable. Respect your content, and not just the act. Just as you respect your character, not just your appearance.

The influence of your submissions are dependent on the quality of your content. Watch it, and your reverence will never be the same today, this week, and forever.


Daniel D.K Amewor

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