Each and every day of our lives – both on and off campus – we are faced with a lot of situations which stem from the decisions we made earlier on in our lives. We are consequently, fairly and squarely faced with numerous circumstances (which in the right sense we have the ability to choose) that exist mainly because of the choices and decisions we made over the past few weeks, months and years. These situations should not be surprises to us. Not at all.

Surprises, unintentional and uncalled situations, should always be for our benefit, and not for our downfall. Surprises, in their state, are meant for positive impacts on a person’s life, and not negative. As individuals, we should be prepared for anything and everything that comes our way, and not be negatively influenced by any of them. On the legal side, we are in the long run responsible for anything that comes our way – and hence shouldn’t be surprised by them. But on the vital side, many individuals get negatively surprised situations. No. It should not be so.

Do not be surprised by anything that comes your way. Always be prepared for anything – the good and the bad – although in the long run, again, you are responsible for whatever should happen to you. Whether the good or the bad, by your actions, decisions and knowledge, you are solely responsible for whatever comes your way. Always be prepared. Never be surprised by situations or circumstances – unless you were meant to be surprised. Take charge of everything you do. Perceive the future and move, work according to it. Don’t compromise for anything to happen to you, anyhow, at all. You are the one in charge of your sphere of contact. Do what you want, and get what you want. Don’t be surprised by anything that happens to you. Get ready, and be Prepared always. Be in-and-out of your environment. Be prepared always, and live on!

On this delicate note on Surprises, I acknowledge TeamEsidom and TeamAmofa for how far they have come in this year’s UG SRC elections. Winners don’t quit. You have not quit, hence you are all winners. Taking the majority of votes in the runoff only gives you the title of presidency – but you are both winners for coming this far. You have not quit, hence you deserve the applause.

As far as it has come, we have realized that This Election Did Matter in what we expected it to be.

Winning the Elections is not the end, but rather the Beginning. Policies, Commitments and Promises were and are vied into the electorate’s consciousness before a final winner is selected. These policies are not meant to win the elections, but are meant to be implemented once in office. These policies should and WILL not be left to fall, but will be accountable to by the necessary government. The effectualisation of these policies is the beginning, and not the end. A year is given, and policies are supposed to be implemented. The winner is tasked with the Responsibility of implementing the policies. It is not about winning the election, but about serving the fraternity of students in the University of Ghana. It is about the Students, and not the Positions.

On this note, I vie the entire student populace to be for the incoming government, and not against it. We should all BE for the winner of the elections, and not against him/her. No matter what camp one belongs to, who one pledges allegiance to or what one thinks of another, we should all be for the smooth running of the student government – which will be soon decided. We should all be for them – it is the only way to ensure a smooth and effectual governance. We are doing it for the school, and not for ourselves. Our long-term aim is to support the school and student body; not to enrich our pockets, ‘selfish’ lives or any other matter. We should be FOR anyone who comes in power, and not unnecessarily against him/her. This does not cancel out critics, analysts and poll leaders from their hub. They all form part of the matter. Critics are necessary for the government. But everything should be done in the light of a better life for the student populace!

Live right and better. Don’t be surprised at who will win the elections. Be prepared for anything this week – and face every situation with the mindset of a winner. Nothing can overcome you – not an I.A, exam, election result or “shock of your life”. You are bigger than all those. Move with the peace which you have, and surprise the negative surprises with your state of mind and readiness.

Move forward, and overcome the week with who you are!


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