Message from the Monday Man: Planning; The Facile Codes of Discipline


Let’s start from today. Have you planned your day?

That is quite a vague but an important question to be asked.

Think of it. Have you planned your day? Do you know what you should be doing in the next 2-3 hours? What about the next 6? Is your day well-planned?

Planning is one of the most important activities of the day – which we invariably fail to do. Planning of one’s day greatly prevents us from losing time, and wasting it. This is the most important benefit of planning – it prevents you from wasting the day.

Have you planned today?

Do you know what you should do after you brush your teeth? Or when you are after your daily devotional? What about after that? Do you know what you have to do after you are done with reading this? Is your day really well-planned?

Ah. Have you thought of it?

Everybody has 24 hours in one day. But how come some are more productive than others? A key factor is planning. Not everybody makes effective use of all the 24 hours. Some just wait for what to happen to happen. That is living by chance. You do not live by chance.

When you wake up, you know you have a standard way of waking (For some: brushing, breakfast, devotional etc.). But after the standard, what next? You need to plan every single minute of your time, every single hour and every single period. That is the effectiveness of planning; else everything can, and might surely go to waste. You will have experienced another day without being fully productive. Planning is key. Begin planning your day now.

Right now. It’s important.


What about timelines?

Some things are important but not emergencies, others are emergencies but might not be important, others both important and emergencies. We all know these classifications according to the activities in our lives.

Set timelines to your activities – the ones you have to. ‘Important but not emergency’, ‘important but emergency’ and all the other classifications. Set timelines; and go by the timelines. You will be making good use of your time by the time you realize it. Using 2 hours for reading a book, after that lunch, after that lectures? You will have to set timelines to almost all the activities. It will keep you in check.

But planning and setting timelines is not the end of the show. There is the execution part of it.

It is good to plan, but it is better to abide by your plan. It takes discipline to abide and go by your plan. Some people always have excellent plans but failed days. Why? Because of discipline. It is said “Discipline is the bridge between goals and their accomplishments”. When you plan, you’ll have to discipline yourself to go by those plans. Planning is very important, but disciplining yourself to go by those plans is even more important.

Planning can also be reflected in your studies, and also in your week, and months, and even years! Yearly plans are termed ‘resolutions’. If you plan, you will not waste time.

How many pages of this book should I finish today? What about in the next 3 hours? The next hour? You’ll have to plan to the very last reasonable detail. That is why yearly plans are broken down into months and weeks and eventually into days. Are you still following your resolution for 2016? That is another story for another day. Your plans can reflect in your studies, and also in your whole week. You can plan your week!

The effects of a well planned day is not only theoretical – it is practical as well. Experience a more effective day today, and the rest of the week as you plan each and every day, and abiding by those plans as well.

Discipline and Planning go together.

Begin planning today, and the rest of the week now. You may not have another time to do that.

Have a very fruitful week!



Daniel D.K Amewor

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