Message from the Monday Man: Pawns in Chess Pieces


When you go into an institution or step into your class and it is evident something is not right, that some things do not fall in place; do you just sit down and wait for the lecturer, sit down and go about your normal activities, sit down and pay attention to nothing new or do you stop, wait a minute and seek for change? Do you just go with the flow even if something is not right, or you allow your thoughts to be challenged so you bring out solutions to existent but hidden problems? Do you solve the problems around you or you wait for those in charge, even, to solve them for you? Will you presence be needed when you are not around, or your presence is likened to sand at the beach side? Are you just a pawn in your class or does something extraordinary happen every time you move?

Many times it is the natural human tendency to go with the flow even if the flow isn’t straight. It is much easier to just do it because everyone else is doing it than to stand against the flowing tides to cause the change. It is the ‘comfort zone’ where everyone else is. But can’t that zone be made even more comfortable? Can’t it be better and well-trimmed even if other zones should not exist at all?

It takes people with courage and determination to cause the change that you seek in your environment – be it class, workplace or room. It takes people with strong will, a toughened mind, people with attitude and discipline, class and respect, reputation and decision-making abilities people to cause the change we all seek in our environments. It takes people like You to bring the difference in your class, institution, environment: You. More accurately, it takes you to bring that change. Not anybody else. You. Because you are endowed with all the abilities, opportunities and resources you will ever need to accomplish that. Only you. You may not know it in your mind.

Most of us think we are just pawn pieces on the chess board but what we fail to realize is we have already finished the mark. We are Queens clothed and disguised in Pawn Suits. We are well capable and able men clothed with mindsets that tell us we are otherwise and are more like the masses. That is the period we have to change. That is the mindset that has to be dissolved. We may all be Queens, Bishops, Rookies, Knights or even Kings but because we fail to recognize it and tend to believe what we see without prior investigations. We fail to maximize our potentials, to achieve what we want others to achieve.

Don’t look anywhere else for that class Rep. Don’t follow anybody else for that change. The change you desire is in you. The Change IS you. You have arrived.

When you are told to rise to the occasion, speak up for a group of people or inspire change in some others, don’t look outside yourself or your circle. Look within. Look at yourself and look into that mirror. You are the one who was being called in the coded language of “Who will..?”. You are the one they are looking for. Not the man who went. You are the change being sought. Look at yourself.

Today, this week, next week and any other time someone is being called forth or someone is being desired to cause a change; have the knowledge (not only the belief) that you are the one being called. The Actions will automatically follow suit. Have the knowledge and one day – it can be today, tomorrow, this week or even somewhere next year, you will realize you are not the pawn you always thought you were – you are more than that. The date depends on you!


Daniel D.K Amewor

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