Message from the Monday Man: Are you your word?


There is a lot of prestige and respect admitted to people considered to “being their word”. “Being your Word” simply means the actualization and implementation of anything you say, anything that comes from your mouth: ‘BE-ing’ your word.

Are you your words? Or your words are different from you. Are you the manifestation of your words? Or what you say is different from what you do. Are your words consistent with your actions? Or they are different.

In the long run, we know that your life becomes a character, a reflection of the words that you say concerning yourself. But talking of attitudinal consistencies with your words, are you consistent with your words?

When you say to someone “I will be there in 5 minutes”, do you really arrive in 5 minutes? Really? When you promise a person even by your words, do you deliver on purpose? Are you the description to your words or your words are just totally polished and different from your actual self?

Words are heavy, and not meant to be played with. When you say something, you have to know you have to accomplish that thing no matter what! That is something that distinguishes the few from the lot – going according to whatever they say. Only a few people value the importance and weight of the words they speak, hence follow suit to implement whatever they say – no matter the circumstances.

If you [know you] cannot do it, why say otherwise? Saying something and doing otherwise results in making your words cheap – making them valueless and weightless. Your words are the character of your being. If you say it, you have to do it. If you can’t, just say similar. You will not need to lie – that brings in inconsistencies and results in degrading your moral and conscience ‘purity’.

The message for this morning and this week is simple: Are you your words? Do you do what you say, or you do otherwise? Do you speak the word and go according to it? Or not. Are you the implementation of the words you speak? Are you? Words are heavy – use them lightly.

When you know it is impossible, don’t commit yourself – especially by speaking words. Just say you cannot or will not. Let those who have the ability, and know they have the ability, say it and do it. Success or Failure is not compulsory. Don’t just unnecessarily commit yourself and degrade your integrity. Your words are your integrity.

When you say something, do you do it?

Do you?

Every single word counts, and every single action speaks. Do you value your word enough now?

Live a life-filled week from today, as you “Be” everything you say.

Be your word.


Daniel D.K Amewor

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