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Salim-Holding-Trophy.jpg caught up with the reigning champion in weight lifting, Alhassan Salim popularly known as Baller after a massive win in the 2016 edition of the UGSSC Legon’s strongest. Salim took the tittle from Eben who won the tittle last year during the UG Students Sport Council week celebration. Below is the chat between Taaku of and Salim the strongest Man on Legon campus and beyond.

Taaku: You are welcome to
Salim: Thank you
Taaku: So how does it feel to be the strongest person on Legon campus?
Salim: It’s a great opportunity to be the strongest on Legon campus because you get a lot of respect and dignity from your colleagues.
You also get the chance to be someone’s mentor
Taaku: That sounds interesting but have you always wanted to be the strongest or this is just a hobby?
Salim: When I was young, I always wanted to be a super hero like superman and you know, to be a super hero you need to be strong.
And now am dreaming of becoming the strongest in the world
Taaku: Great! Before we zoom into your dreams, tell me about yourself- growing up, education and others that have influenced you until now
Salim: I was born in Kumasi-Suame on the 31st of January 1992. I started schooling at the age of 1 at Peniel Academy and completed my JHS there
I continued my SHS education at Adventist high school and completed in the year 2012. I gained admission to the University of Ghana to offer Nursing
Taaku: Oh, I see
Salim: During my second year in the University, I decided to go to the gym
The gym instructor saw great potential in me and decided to be my personal trainer.
6 months later, I went for my first competition, which was held at Evandy hostel on campus, and I emerged 3rd. From there I decided to always go in for first and nothing else
So far, I have been to 4 competitions and I have won all of them
Taaku: Interesting!! In fact congratulations for such a wonderful feet
Salim: Thank you my brother
Taaku: So after the Evandy competition, which other ones did you participate in that you won all?
1. Mr. Akuafo 2015
2. Tertiary strongest held in Kumasi poly 2015
3. Tarkwa strongest 2016
4.  Legon strongest 2016 held at Kwapong Hall

5. UGSSC Legon strongest 2016
Taaku: Ok. Thank you for the updates
Salim: Uw
Taaku: “…..I decided to always go in for the first and nothing else”. What was your turning point? The moment that changed your mind set to grasp this conviction.
Salim: I was really sad when I couldn’t win that competition.
I could see that I was stronger than my opponent but I didn’t prepare well for the competition
From that moment, I took my training seriously
Taaku: mmmm!! So how has your personal trainer’s influence been, towards your achievements?
Salim: It’s being great
He keeps motivating me
He keeps telling me to focus and train hard
That will make me a champion
Taaku: He might be a great trainer and mentor. Do you mind telling me his name?
Salim: Faisal Alhassan
My senior brother
Taaku: Woow!!!
Salim: He won Ghana strongest in 2011
And he has being winning competitions in Europe
Taaku: So in effect, you want to be the strongest family on earth.
Salim: Hahahhaha …yes bro
Taaku: hahahahaha… that would be a great family to belong to and I believe the ladies are making more efforts to register their space
Salim: Hahahhaha
Salim: Awww you know you can’t be a power lifter and like women at the same time
Taaku: Oh! that rather puts you at a disadvantage
Taaku: So apart from Mr. Faisal, which other family member is in the business?
Salim: My senior brother
But he just does it for fun
Taaku: Ohk. Now lets look into the future
In 10 years from now, where do you hope to be?
Salim: I wish to be the world’s strongest man
If Allah wills
Taaku: More vim! I would be excited to see you there.
Salim: Thanks bro
Taaku: but tell me….how lucrative is it to be Legon’s strongest, Ghana’s strongest or World strongest?
Are there benefits apart the prestige?
Salim: Yh
Weight lifting is like any other sport. When you are the strongest, you get sponsorship from top companies like Nike, Adidas, etc.
And in any competition you are paid if you win
We are a little bit unlucky because Ghana doesn’t recognise weight lifting very well but in the states you can be paid a million dollars after a competition
Taaku: Hmmmm!! But it’s Ghana we find ourselves in for now.
Do you have any plans of moving out?
Salim: Yes if Allah wills
Taaku: I am hopeful that wherever you go, you will lift the flag of Ghana high
Salim: Yh bro
Taaku: Let’s move a bit into your social life. Are you currently participating in any projects?
Salim: Yh
Am also into movies
Taaku: Wooow!! Tell me more about that
Salim: I do act in Afia schwarzenegger
Taaku: oh I see
Salim: Yh
Taaku: is that your debut in acting?
Salim: Mmmmm yh
Salim: Am funny and I love to make people laugh
Taaku: hahahahaha …there is more blessing in making people happy and I do believe you are ready to take on more roles in acting
Salim: Yh
Taaku: I know you love your mum so much. What is special about her?
Salim: Hehehhe she is my motivation
I remember when I didn’t do well in my BECE, she was the only one who knew I wasn’t dumb
She keeps blessing me always
Taaku: I do agree with you. Mums are the best humans on earth actually
Salim: Yh bro
Taaku: But WHO is the second special woman to you?
Salim: My sister
I love her so much
Taaku: Hahahahaaa…you swerved me!
Salim: Hahahhaha
Taaku: Its been interesting having you on our platform and I want you to take this time to reach out to your fans, family and friends
Salim: I want to thank God for how far he has brought me. I wanna thank my mum for believing in me. A big shout out to my brothers and sister, to my friends and fans keep on praying for me and I promise I will never fail u guys
Taaku: Thank you very much for honouring our invitation. wishes you a successful career in heavy weight lifting and we hope to see you at the top of the world soon.
Salim: Thanks for such a great opportunity
God bless you
Taaku: Bless you too

Pictures from the event. Visit our Facebook page and stay tuned for more pictures of the strongest men on campus as well as supporters.

Salim from Kwapong Hall Wins Legon strongest 2016

Salim from Kwapong Hall Wins UGSSC Legon strongest 2016

First runner up, Eben from Legon Hall was the defending champion

First runner up, Eben from Legon Hall was the defending champion

Eric of Legon Hall placed 3rd

Eric of Legon Hall placed 3rd

Rogger of commonwealth Hall places 4th

Rogger of commonwealth Hall placed 4th


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