Level 100 part 2


Social issues can’t be neglected, for me that’s a fact,

Gates are opened, while others are close for relationships.

For me am shy with girls, so single, but dating I continue to act,

Some are really fortunate; they obtain soul mates and enter courtship.


One thing I will not forgive myself if I do not say,

Is that college girls are succulent, attractive and hard to repel.

I encounter myriads of beauty with each passing day,

And their countenance and aura, they are more like a spell.


As the days go by, we finally get to the semesters peak,

Examination periods, the most revered by the premiere university.

There is no incidence of cheating or whispers of question leaks,

For that, it’s a superficial goal of the university, well-guarded for posterity.


After examination, we have ended a labyrinth of semester,

A lot of stuffs happened, but this is my brusque account.

As I did not want forgetfulness to fester.

I wrote down this terse piece just to surmount.


The idea that college life is full of chilling,

After reading this piece you will get to know.

That all these while, the story tellers were lying.

So I say fun in college can be a yes or can be low.

By: Jacob Osae Amanor

UG/ Physicist/ screen writter

Joshua. M. Ngula

Posted by Joshua. M. Ngula

University of Ghana

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