Level 100 part 1


I always had it in mind that, college was going to be fun,

In my little world of fantasy, it was a dream.

But not until prompted by the impulsive thorn of the scorching sun,

I then opened my eyes to disappointment exuding as steam.


Orientation is over some few days to inept the drill,

Having partook of an iota of excitement.

Level 100, first semester continued to me clumsy still,

It’s so eccentric, it really feels like and enchantment.


Lectures have begun; we troop in for our maiden voyage,

High school is a river, college is a sea.

Disparate faces, lecturers, weird courses, what a mirage,

Though a bit tedious, after 1 to 3 hours lecture prison, we are set free.


Like some facet of the high school fable,

Having fun in college one can legitimately do.

But for me, less sleep, more studies, so having fun am unable,

But some over enjoy the fun, due to the course they pursue.


In between the lecture periods comes the villainous ally,

Interim Assessment, college evaluation of lectures.

Is the only period that learning becomes a necessity to comply.

Deciding to do the converse, one is sure to obtain results that have fractures.




Joshua. M. Ngula

Posted by Joshua. M. Ngula

University of Ghana

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