Dear,dear Maame Yaa,

I cross my humble heart

and say,by His ceaseless grace

there is life more abundant in me.

Just that the air hovers silently

around,around the blossomed crouching

plum trees with colossal coldness.

And the snow persistently falls

erecting white knolls on green vegetation.


Dear,dear Maame Yaa,

I reckon that your heart throbs in health.

Your brow is as fresh as morning flower

when the dawn dew drenched it.

The forest canopy of mahogany trees

where golden sun rays peer warmly

between boughs reflecting the moss

look lonely and distant from your abode.


Dear,dear Maame Yaa,

There is a honey song in my heart

like the song of Romeo and Juliet.

The crescendos of piano tones

mingled with mellow percussion note.

What pretty clay,gasp less breath

endowed to forge your celestial beauty.

I miss your hollow dimple

breaking on the chocolate cheeks.

Your olive fire eyes burning bliss

like the harvest of cocoa.


I am lonely so lonely here

incarcerated in chambers of my bungalow

holding pink and white wreath

to put on your grave of absence.

My boss snapped at last:

‘This leaning shadow concealing

in the light of immaculate grin

bears the portrait of forlorn.’

Well,I confessed like a holy sinner

the intimacy the togetherness

the sacred communion of allegiance

which we once partook of.


The wind revealed to the world

my boundless love pledged to you

printed on my skin like a tattoo.

Your indelible kiss lingers on my lips

which brought forth daily over time

awakens our memories our haunts.

Not this roaring concert band

or this raw brewed alcohol

can dare to erase the thought of you.

Of you and your romantic hug

of you and your blazing smile

igniting the glimmer of hope.

For your sole sake

I am condemned deliberately to chivalry.

Knowing not when to return

but I shall come to fetch you

like a treasure, my quill runs out.


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