Formal Gratitude
Greetings to you all most respected noble members of Jean Nelson Aka Hall- from the JCR President, H. E Pres. Adams B. H. W. Hussein, to the latest accommodated level 100 student. It has been a while now since my pen kept mute yet I deem it appropriate to bring to your notice, this climactic hour of the semester, my sincere gratitude and a formal ‘thank you’ for honoring me the Most Outstanding Member JNAH Parliament.

To Mr. /Miss. Anonymous writer
Big ups to you Mr. /Miss. Anonymous for that nice article you authored. But I think you should know that you messed up somehow because some of the claims you made were false though you had a genuine concern with the rest. You have however inspired me a lot which I think you should also know. More power to your elbow the ‘Anas’ of Jean Nelson and I will advise that, should you write another article, consult people and do more research so you save yourself the follow up ridicule. Do you know people call you a coward for not attaching your name to the article? Well I understand you very well because if you had, I bet you your inbox would be filled with both praises from fans and unparliamentarily nuisance from whipped foes. Also, I think the remarks you made about the Organizing Secretary concerning the hall week was channeled to the wrong person. Mr. Joshua served with the best of his abilities but he was limited and couldn’t reach the hype he made for the hall week because the fund apportioned to him, as you and I were bystanders was very relatively small which was no fault of his own. After reading your article, I glanced, from my balcony, at the current inexcusable state of the Basketball court. The Court was not painted with JCR funds as the President clearly stated in Parliament but there can never be any piquant excuse for screeching car tires on it. I am a big fan of yours who longs for your handshake.

My Concern
There is this thing going on that I am not feeling too comfy sparing my pen. It is obvious most of the residents of this hall hardly have any interest in how their money is used by the hall executives. Either it is used for the good reasons or vice versa. They therefore demonstrate this by neglecting the actions of the Executive and the acts of parliament. People hardly join any of the various executive committees and the few who deem it fit to join any also hardly attend committee meetings. It will interest you, my noble reader, to know that Parliament hardly forms a QUORUM of nine members out of the 25members during a sitting. Just about three observers showed up during our last sitting. QUORUM is the minimum number of Hon. Members that should be present before the Speaker can proceed with the commencement of the sitting. Per article 18 of the JCR constitution, the QUORUM apart from the person presiding, the Speaker and his two deputies, shall consist of two BLOCK LORDS/LADIES (a total of four), two SRC GENERAL ASSEMBLY REPRESENTATIVES (G.A, which I am part of a total of five) and 1/3 or four FLOOR REPRESENTATIVES ( a total of 16). To those of you who are unfamiliar with the various aforementioned positions, a BLOCK LORD/LADY is basically the student appointed by the executive council (the President) to be in charge of a particular block of the hall and represents that block in parliament and on cabinet. Also, An SRC G.A member in this context is a successfully vetted JCR member by the vetting panel of the EC and sworn in as the hall representative at SRC General Assembly sittings. As a form of decentralization, a FLOOR REPRESENTATIVE is a JCR member who is elected from among members of a particular floor of a particular block to represent them in Parliament.

People have taken upon themselves these various positions yet refuse to show up at sittings. This is very incongruous and irresponsible on the part of those people and I call for action. Per the constitution, article 9 clause (1) section (b) stipulates that “Parliament shall have the power to sanction its member(s) for disorderly behavior or absence from meeting(s)…” and I suggest these people should not be given any certificate of service because they have done no service at all to the hall. As my dear mum, on whose behalf I beseech God for long life and favor, puts it, there shall be no food for a lazy man and the ejected product of the lazy is often so insignificant for houseflies to waste time on. I call on my fellow JCR members who know themselves fitting for such positions to opt for it. Let us revive the weakened powers of Parliament. This can only be done if the House is filled with more vibrant members who can constructively scrutinize and criticize proposed policies for the Hall and promote integrity and welfare of the people we serve.

Advice to electorates
Noble members of this noble Hall, it is my wish that we put aside friendship ties and choose tried and tested most competent people with the required leadership exhibits to hold various Executive and Parliamentary positions in the hall. It is high time we chose welfare over friendship. As the aspirants come to your various rooms to sell to you their policies in the form of campaign messages, I plead you buy none without proper scrutiny. Ask them the questions of ‘how to’. Mr. … please how do you intend to come by this particular policy of yours? Seek vivid explanation before they step out of your room. Some of them formulate awesome but unfeasible policies just to spark at your eyes so be extra vigilant in your choice. Not forgetting the fact that the total money involved in this election is GHC 3,594.00 as according to the 2015/2016 proposed election budget. Also, the University is the ultimate source of our nation’s leadership and from among the people we choose here today will be chosen later by the whole nation to be Presidents, Ministers, MPs, and managers of our various public and private organizations. These people, whether they flop in their duties here or not, will present the certificates awarded them after their service as evidence of their leadership capabilities. They will fail the nation or do vice versa on our account. Your decision come 19th of this month has an annual effect on the hall and a lasting effect on the nation.
Choose wisely, choose with integrity and choose for the better.

PAUL Vinyor
0209060011 (whatsapp and call)
0245687689 (whatsapp only)
G.A Member
Jean Nelson Aka Hall

For any questions, grievances or suggestions about the affairs of the hall which you wish to be relayed to parliament, it is my innate pleasure to be at your service. Just feel free to contact me.



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