1:06 pm - Wednesday July 30, 2014

Leaked video of naked girl on ‘I’m in Love with Bomaye’

bomaye-2For the many Ghanaians who see the voyeurism in Big Brother Africa to be immoral, they now have more to talk about as the idea has come even closer home with the new reality TV show on Multi TV, known as “I’m in Love With Bomaye’.

The show sees Alex Biney, from Big Brother Amplified fame, trapped in a house with several ladies aiming to win his love. A recent video from the show which shows one of the ladies naked in a bathroom and dressing up has set tongues wagging. The video which was shared on twitter has people condemning the show on the count of morality, arguing that it is improper for television, especially in Ghana. What is your opinion?

Source: Nowghana.com

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