Legon SRC Responds to Rise in Theft and Robbery Cases on Campus Proactively


Due to the recent rise in theft and robbery cases on campus, the University of Ghana Students Representative Council (SRC) together with school management have taken proactive measures to improve the security situation on campus and ensure the safety of students.

The measures taken by the SRC include the repair of broken streetlights and clearing of the bushes on campus, especially those around routes used by students and hence are prone to attacks.

On Monday, a group of SRC Committee heads led by the SRC Vice President, Joshua Andrews-Egyir, went round to inspect work on the streetlights and the bush clearing exercise, and they were pleased with the work done so far.

The bushes around the Evandy exit had been cleared to ground level, the bushes between Jubilee/ISH and the new halls (Limann to Nelson) had also been cleared, most of the broken streetlights on campus had been repaired and he says new ones would soon be installed where necessary.

The SRC Vice President, Joshua Andrews-Egyir, also went round campus, to interact with students in shuttles and lecture halls, to create awareness about the recent rise in campus crimes, the measures being put in place to control the situation and how students can look out for each other.

He however pleaded that students should also try and be responsible for their own safety by being security conscious. He gave out some phone numbers that students can call to report suspicious behaviors from anyone on campus. The numbers are listed below.

0285460675 – General
0285460674 – Limann area security
0285460673 – Okponglo exit security


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