Legon SRC elections. Should KNUST Learn From Them?


On Thursday 28th of April, News came in to the effect that Miss Esinam has beaten Mr Amofa to become the second lady to win Legon’s SRC presidential elections. It was a good day for Legon. A good day for Ghana and above all a good day for DEMOCRACY. Yes, you read that right. DEMOCRACY in capital letters.

Esinam polled 1960 votes in the first round to score 29.46% against Amofa’s 2061 representing 30.83% but emerged victorious in a runoff with 3655 votes representing 53.67% of the total valid votes cast as against 3206 representing 46.73% polled by Amofa Adu Emmanuel. What ? Did you just read that ? Yes. Miss Esinam got less votes than Mr Amofa in the first round. But according to Legon’s SRC constitution, none of them got the 50+1% votes needed to secure an election victory. And after the runoff what happened? The last became first and the first, last!

Now this is the deal. Can’t KNUST learn something from Legon’s SRC elections?

KNUST also had their elections this year and Mr Samel Kusi popularly known as SAKMAN emerged victorius with 4342 votes representing 35.07 % as against his closest contender Joseph Mireku also known as Tintin who polled 3045 votes representing 24.59% votes.

Now you see the difference? Mr Samuel won with the approval of only 35.07% of the student populace. Now is that democracy? Being the ” premier science and technology university in West Africa”, couldn’t KNUST do better than this? Why wasn’t there a runoff ?
This could be nothing but Rambo style of democracy.

The way the election is done is not democratic at all. How can a president not have the endorsement of more than 50% of the population? That result meant that 65% of knust students didn’t like SAK but he was made president. They should have made a run – off so that it would be between Joseph Mireku and Samuel Kusi so that whoever got 50+1 votes wins. But with the way its currently being done, Its not democracy!

This writeup is in no way suggesting that Mr Samuel is not the duly elected president of KNUST SRC. He did not make the rules guiding KNUST elections. But things could have been done in a much better way. There is no perfect elections but that doesn’t mean your elections should be crooked either. Maybe Mr Samuel should push for reforms in the EC of KNUST. The EC has to change the constitution for future elections.
As a side note, this is also a wake up call to KNUST since most females in the school who contest for the SRC presidency is usually doomed to failure. People even go to the extent of ridiculing such ladies. We hope that will change in the coming years.

The vandals of Legons always swear not to allow themselves to be ruled by a lady. Now they have no choice.

Congratulations to SAKMAN
Congratulations to ESIDOM

May their regins be something to remember


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