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It is yet another academic year and many have lamented their past life’s at senior high school as their mates are preparing and getting ready for school whilst they have decided to make “Action” and “Preset” their second high schools. But for the continuing students, the coming of the yet to be matriculated students is a bonus, as they would always put it “… level hundreds nu b3 kaanukr3…”, in our lingua franca it means ‘the hundreds or better still freshers will hold a testimony.

They believe that, this is the time they (the freshers) could easily be lured into several activities, hardly forgetting relationships. As if the 2016/17 academic year was going to be a compliment of several others, the commonwealth boys set the pace as patience run out of them. Wednesday, 14th September 2016 was the allotted day which all Freshers were required to attend a compulsory orientation program at the University’s Great Hall.

As expected, many freshers appeared in their ravishing attire signifying readiness for their first program of every level 100 student of the University Of Ghana. No sooner had they moved in direction of the Great Hall through the Vandal City than the Vandals replaced in them joy with fear and shyness, it might have seemed strange to some of these ‘bloodless’ freshers since some of the words which came especially from windows and verandas of the commonwealth hall could only be compared to profane. Some of such statements as recorded are as follows ‘… Y3 b3 di mu…’ ’Tw3 bebree….’ meaning, we will “eat” you and many vaginas respectively. These and many more profane words.

Upon interaction with a fellow vandal he mentioned that those words were not from members of the Hall, ‘we are very cool and gentle gentlemen’ he added. Now the multi-dollar question is that, were those words from the walls? However, week one of the Freshers stay on campus told a different story. Rather than see most students walking solely with their hands swinging to and fro as if they were in a boxing ring, a pair relaxing in each other’s arms and hands mostly across their waists now occupy the pedestrian lanes.

Consequently, this has caused a serious traffic on the pedestrian lanes most especially the ones leading to the Vandal City. An interview with a desperate continuing student revealed that almost all the continuing students have signed a bond of ‘grabbing’ not less than three(3) freshers, this he mentioned has caused an unending competition and an unceasing traffic mostly at areas like Volta Hall and the diaspora.

Moving ahead, as a correspondent, I visited the commonwealth mini market. It appeared to me a nightmare as I realized that even in commonwealth hall, the indomie and waakye joints have seen a surmountable improvement and the sellers paid a testify. Meanwhile, the banku, kenkey and akpele joints experienced a considerable drop from 92% to 15% customer attendance. Having being hit by the flabbergasting news, I took a step ahead to find why such serious transmogrification. And this was the reply I had…..’Chaale, boy en body for look fine so say de girls go see , he further added that…’ u fit to get surprise visit sef’. For this reason, all banku, kenkey and akpele sellers are advised to pack bag and luggage and probably re-locate to atomic junction until things return to normal.

My greatest fear however is that, some of these freshers have shallow minds and would just be easily coxed into doing things they are really going to regret for a whole lifetime. Also, there is a greater potential of recording more sex-tape leakages and random spotting of condoms on campus.

Written by:
Bayuoni Dramani Maazu.
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