Kofi Opare Hagan Slams Richmond Asare: Shun Vain Sycophancy and Title Acquisitions


Kofi Opare Hagan, former head of communications for Davies Ohene Fobi then candidate for the presidency of the University of Ghana Student Representative, has taken a swipe at the Local NUGS President Mr. Richmond Asare for what he describes as a “culture of vain sycophancy and title acquisitions”.

Richmond Asare had earlier posted a comment on his Facebook timeline that likened responding to cynics as a leader to chasing woman who does not love you saying “it is a total waste of time”

“Wasting your time on cynics is like wasting your precious time on a woman who doesn’t love you after several attempts on her.
They are both just a waste of your precious time”.

He further wrote, “a Cynic will forever be a cynic until you do things that benefit them directly . If that is not than whatever you do is a total waste .
Lesson from KWESI PAUL AJIRO and his Love Life”.

It is unclear what might have sparked this remark from the Steering Committee chair of the just ended National Union of Ghana Students NUGS Congress who doubles as a recipient of the Most Outstanding Local NUGS President Award organized by the National Student Awards.

In a sharp response however, Kofi Opare Hagan known for his sharp-wittedness has criticized the award winner accusing him and his colleagues as producers of the cynics referred to in Mr. Asare’s write up.

“You and your ilk of student politicians are the parents of the cynics on campus and it is time you took responsibility for your actions” he reproached.

Kofi Opare Hagan Fmr. Head of communications for Team Fobi.

Kofi Opare Hagan
Fmr. Head of communications for Team Fobi.

Below are excerpts of the open letter addressed to the Mr. Asare

You seem to agree with the President of Ghana’s disrespectful view of his Ghanaian critics as cynics.

It is not good enough for politicians, whether student or otherwise, to brand all criticisms directed at them as coming from cynics or persons motivated by a parochial interest to obtain some personal benefit.

There are those of us who you, at least, know haven’t soiled our hands, pen or conscience by accepting offers which may be safely classed as the benefits of office or made any attempt to procure same by using friendship or partisan affliations as an invitation to mindlessly and aimlessly parade the corridors of the SRC Union Building in search for benefits.

Unlike like some who can be identified on sight, when we change our tattered clothes or shoes, and when we have had to; it has been through the use of our own monies- the work of our sweat – it hadn’t been with the monies of students awarded to ourselves wickedly in the form of allowances and justified on the flawed and ungodly logic that a previous administration did it.

I do however agree with you that there are cynics on campus. Indeed there are a lot of them. But their distrust of the intentions of student politicians like yourself is driven by the pervasive seeds of dishonesty,lies and greed you sow.

You and your ilk of student politicians are the parents of the cynics on campus and it is time you took responsibility for your actions.

When you win elections through promises and deliver empty air and bravado, you would be naive not to expect your constituents to be cynical.

Change the cynicism by transforming holding a position on the SRC from being a CV enriching tool to being a tool of positive transformation.
Embarrass the cynics by achieving your policies and manifesto pledges.
Commit to leaving a legacy and achieve it.
Let us remember you for sometime more than clandestine passport deals.

Time is running out already.
Shun the culture of vain sycophancy and title acquisitions.
Get to work. Make an impact.
And your constituents won’t be cynics.

Caleb Kudah

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  1. shakesduncan says:

    I totally agree with Opare on this one, not for a fact that it’s a retort to the local NUGS president’s comments, but for the vivid truth he’s painted about the kind of leaders we have. It’ll be an absolute hypocrisy for someone to deny that, constituents and for that matter citizens, are made cynics because of the fouled deeds of leaders in the society. Great one there Kofi, I think you couldn’t have said more.

    What I find disturbing is the alleged clandestine passport dealings, he claims the SRC has/is undertaking. It’s very prudent that he brings any evidence or whatsoever to light before any ‘unscrupulous’ dealings comes back to haunt the students of the University Of Ghana. Or,
    unless of course there’s no empirical evidence, I’d advice he stops peddling that notion.

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