KNUST Students Caned By Lecturer


The entire student body of KNUST was in disbelief and shock when at around 10:40am, a picture of a lecturer caning students went viral on campus. In the picture, a lecturer can be seen holding a stick in his hand and a female student is arm stretched receiving lashes while others wait in line for their share of the punishment. The picture came as a great shock because university students are regarded as adults and hence expected to be respected as such. It is therefore absurd to see a university lecturer punish students by caning them; a mode of punishment that ends at the senior high school.

The incident occurred in a statistics class that is held for first years at the Faculty of Agriculture lecture theatre opposite the central classroom block (CCB). As part of the school’s curriculum, students of this course study probability. The offence of these students was their refusal to bring to class the course materials required for the class. The lecturer thus punished them by using the age old method of caning; the effectiveness of which has been highly debated.

This action has left mixed feeling among the student population. Some who agree with the action of the lecturer say he was right to use the cane and as such the students would not repeat that mistake again. Some also feel he was just being humorous. Others question the right the lecturer had to cane the students since they are adults under the constitution of the republic. They see the action of the lecturer as an abuse. To them the lecturer did not only abuse the students physically but also emotionally since the disgrace which comes with it would have to be borne by the students for the rest of their stay on campus and probably for the rest of their lives.

Attempts to speak to students who were present at the time of the incident was not an easy task since a huge number of them were scared of what was likely to happen if they were to talk. The only student who spoke to me whose name has been withheld said he saw the action as a way to create humor by the lecturer since from where he sat the lecturer did not really hit the students hard with the cane. But this leaves the question, why should humor be created at the expense of the students’ self-esteem?


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  1. Gideon says:

    The lecturer should be sacked. This is a disgrace to the whole KNUST fraternity.

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