KNUST Students call on Authorities to Restructure Resit Policy


Some students of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology have called on the authorities to restructure the ‘Resit Policy’ to reduce the rate at which students are withdrawn.

The ‘Resit policy’ is a system which gives students the opportunity to write their ‘trail’ courses before a new academic year but are withdrawn if  they ‘trail’ two or more courses written during the ‘Resit’ period. This has received some negative reactions from students.

Some believe the system is defeating the purpose for which it was initiated.

The major concerns students have raised with respect to the ‘Resit policy’ has to do with time for notification to write the trail papers. They are appealing to the authorities to notify them well ahead of time to prepare for trail courses especially those ones they trail just in the previous semester. They are also appealing to the authorities to reverse the decision on withdrawing students who trail two papers after writing the ‘Resit’.

Others too have blamed it on student leaders who proposed the initiative without thoroughly analyzing it, and are urging other students to critically scrutinize various policies before proposing them.

They made this submission on Focus FM Morning Show.  Authorities are yet to respond to the issue.

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