Day in, day out people, institutions and countries are faced with myriad of challenges. These challenges are sometimes termed as “crooked lines”. The pivotal issue in these challenges is that who is going to lead and pave the way to solve these challenges. This then brings to mind followers and leaders. The interesting thing about followers and leaders is that they are all not blind to challenges or problems but sometimes pretend to be blind to solutions. Invariably, the world needs a leader but as to whether the leader has a problem solving ability or not, some people just want to be leaders and woefully institutions, societies and countries are in a mess.

Undoubtedly, well established institutions, societies and countries don’t need mission but vision and principles. Vision and principles form a straight line which pass through all crooked lines. This therefore indicates that we need vision and principles and not mission to overcome our challenges. Needless to say if the vision and principles fail to pass through this crooked lines and follow it then we will get another crooked line and the challenges persist.LINEThe straight line started from the beginning of the crooked line and ends without following it. Analogically, it takes vision to know the start and end of your work and mishaps on the way as you take the lead. Principles will keep you on truck and give a sense of direction. This is to say that leaders must have vision and work with principles but not to the detriment of followers.

Added to vision and principles is the beauty of leadership-responsibility, accountability and selfless advocacy (RAS). “Leadership is not about tittles, positions or flowcharts” (John C. Maxwell). It is about accepting and taking responsibility. Being accountable and advocate selflessly.

Written  By Salifu Abdul Kadir ;SELFLESS ADVOCACY.

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