Jean Nelson Launches Bagwell Foundation


Students of the Jean Aka Nelson hall and the university of Ghana launched a scholarship fund in memory of late student leader Maxwell Assumeng Jnr affectionately referred to as T-bag by peers on the anniversary of his passing to alleviate the plight of needy but brilliant students here at the university. Maxwell Assumeng passed away October 2013 in a motor crash at a time he was leading his hall in celebrating the hall’s week.

Speaking at the launch of the fund, the father of the deceased, Maxwell Assumeng Snr a lecture here at the university says “Maxwell is a generous boy who did not live long enough to achieve his dreams but he hopes this fund would help others realized theirs”. He has also been advising friends and family after the charity walk to take a cue from the passing of Maxwell knowing that you can be called to your maker at anytime and as such one must always be ready.

Hon Emmanuel Agyarko who was also at the launch used the opportunity to renew his call to the state to construct an over pass at the Okponglo junction.

The foundation which was launched at Lizzy sports complex east of the university after a charity walk from the Jean Aka Nelson hall would for the time being take care of the residential facility user fee of applicants.



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