President of James Top Nelson Yankah Hall, Bright Agropah

The legislative body of the junior common room of the James Top Nelson Yankah Hall has started a judicial process to impeach the president of the junior common room of the hall, Bright Agropah. According to speaker of the parliament of the James Top Nelson Yankah hall, the legislative body is embarking on the impeachment action because the president in recent times has engaged in a lot of constitutional breaches. He explained that the president unconstitutionally formed a committee to preside over the activities of their upcoming hall week celebration and also failed to pay a fine that was charged on him when he breached a constitutional provision. He also added that the president walked out of a meeting session of the legislative body when he was asked to attend the meeting to respond to questions of members of the legislative body.

The President however says he is yet to receive any letter from the parliament of a possible sabotage and that it is just a mere sabotage. He also explained that it is not mandatory for him to go for parliament and hence do not see anything unconstitutional about his action.

Agyemang Hanson

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