“It’s my fault. I don’t have to blame anyone.” – Shatta Wale


Popular dance hall artiste Charles Nii Armah Mensah, Shatta Wale, has revealed that being a star has come with some limitations to his freedom. He, however, stated that it was his fault and he wouldn’t blame anyone.

Speaking today to Akwasi Sarpong on BBC’s Focus on Africa programme, he said:” Sometimes, I just wanna walk, ride bicycle and just go and buy something by the roadside like those days…or go to the chop bar [and] buy some fufu, but it really hurts me, you know. The old days!… like I can go and pick a taxi… or pick trotro, but it doesn’t happen anymore. It’s my fault. I don’t have to blame anybody.”

Asked whether or not he would give it up for his former life, he answered “no, no, no.”

The award-winning Afro-beat singer and producer who is currently on a European tour to promote his latest album, After The Storm, also revealed that his use of Patoi is as a result of influence from his cousins.

“That influence came from my cousins here in London. When I was like seventeen years, my dad brought me here for the first time. When I met them here, they were always speaking Patoi, and I asked my auntie, ” Why? They don’t speak the British English I know?” And she was like:’oh! Their fathers are Jamaicans,” and I was like,” wow! I love the Language.” So, because I was living with them, I was forced to speak, you know, so I was learning from them gradually…With time, I became perfect in it. That’s how the influence became greater and I think it’s helped me,” he revealed.

He added that he fuses Ghanaian languages into his music so as to promote the Ghanaian culture.

Kai Kai

” Kai Kai is about how, you know, things went on with me back in the days, you know, and how I came without them knowing. You know, I came from the back door, quietly, but wow, boom! Kai Kai tells a whole story from Bandana days to Shatta Wale. I was even doing a personal song, but God really blessed it,” he said of his hit song, Kai Kai.

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