Kofi Opare Hagan Fmr. Head of communications for Team Fobi.

Necessity is laid on me by my conscience to speak to an issue sparked by Kofi Opare Hagan. The issue of his personal attacks on the SRC President of the University of Ghana, Davis Ohene Fobi.

This is not in defense of an administration I am not even a part of. It is neither in praise of the current SRC administration. It is entirely in regret of the obvious desperate attempts we make to sabotage a man who has within a semester of his assumption into public office as SRC president, not shown a deaf ear to student interest in whatever lens it is presented, and has done everything possible to promote purely, student interest in Ghana.

I must admit ultimately and express my obvious dismay at how low a man of great repute as Kofi Opare Hagan will stoop to win a non-existent war. Having read his articles and listened to him speak on various platforms, it was with keen interest that I resolved to read the contents of his most recent article, “Fobi is a regrettable mistake”. My disappointment at his failed realization of appropriate structures and ostentatious onslaught aimed at making this current administration unpopular, is what informs my decision to write this article.

I hold great respect for all individuals who express unwavering interests in student activism, hence, my continuous watch on all issues that pertain to the SRC. My observations of Fobi’s administration reveal an administration that is deeply founded on criticisms.

From a distance, I witnessed how the man Fobi, dealt with the numerous criticisms and condemnations he faced during his campaign to the noble office of SRC president. My decision to vouch on his competence and endorse his candidature stemmed from a great admiration at how he dealt with and managed the various criticisms levelled against him; a decision I still don’t have reason to regret.

From this premise, it comes as a huge surprise to note that Kofi Opare Hagan, the respected and seasoned writer who spent time with him during his campaign process, will have reason to accuse Fobi of lifting himself up against criticism; the very foundation upon which I and many others found reason to give him our vote. It raises lots of eyebrows and leaves me thinking about what could probably have gone wrong with the man who has presented himself as the champion of students’ interests?

I am of utmost conviction that there is no individual in this great university who is not concerned with the success of any SRC administration. Resorting to personal attacks in the fashion that Kofi Opare Hagan does ridicules the very core of unity. The SRC constitution does not establish differing factions. It does not create camps for advocating political diversions. The politicking and bickering that seems to be slowly crawling into the SRC is not healthy. There are structures for articulating interests clearly spelt out in article 15 of the SRC Constitution. The personal attacks are not healthy.

Criticize constructively, it is the oil that greases the wheels of governance. Personalize it, and you show unparalleled and heightened levels of unprofessionalism. My respect for you still stands Kofi, I believe you can amend your errors and support the administration if it is through criticism of policies that are put forward by this government rather than personal attacks on the President who keeps winning the admiration of all and sundry.

Written by:

Eleazer Quayson (a.k.a Faculty)
Level 200
University of Ghana



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