UGFILE: How u doing Yung Pabi?
YUNG PABI: I am doing great by Gods grace

UGFILE: Why the name, Yung Pabi?
YUNG PABI: Yung because I started this when I was young and I feel being young is a great thing. For Pabi, it is the short form of my full name; Prince Addo – Biney

UGFILE: Alright so how and when did you start music or rap to be specific?
YUNG PABI: Mmmm… if I take out those days which we didn’t actually know what we were doing, it will be probably 2 years ago

UGFILE: That means two years of active raping
YUNG PABI: Yeah… Cos there were times we were actually doing it for fun. As a kid, enjoying music and trying to create some, until the the business side came in.

UGFILE: Business side you say! Does it mean you have a record label or a management team?
YUNG PABI: Mmmm… for now, I work with people who support what I do 24/7 and they help me do it. I won’t call them a label but they do help me make things happen and these people, I call my ‘bosses’ lol

UGFILE: So you are willing to work with any record label that will sign you?
YUNG PABI: Well, it depends on what they want me to do and how they want me to do it. Cuz I have a team and those guys have actually helped me so if any label is interested in my work, we just have to talk and make things happen in the favour of both sides – that is, me and my team. And I can’t just work with any label. It must be a good label.

UGFILE: Alright. I hear “Pabi music” in most of your songs and it sounds like a record label. Don’t u think it can scare record owners from signing you?
YUNG PABI: Err? does it? Didn’t know cuz to me, it sounds like my name with music added to it. When u hear “Yung Pabi Music” in any song, it means I actually own that particular song. Cos if some one features me I can’t put that in his or her song. But I can put it in my verse when am on someone’s song. And also to tell u a song is mine, u hear it before the song starts and before it ends. It’s kind of like a signature and something to announce my presence in a song.

UGFILE: Well said.Lets talk more about your education. Are You in school?
YUNG PABI: Yeah. A student of Central University College (CUC), level 200 and studying Human Resource Management.

UGFILE: Okay. Which Senior High School did you attend?
YUNG PABI: St. Thomas Aquinas – from Elican Primary school at east legon.

UGFILE: So how do you combine Music with schooling, and how are your parents supporting your music career?
YUNG PABI: For me, doing music and schooling at the same time is not big deal. it has been easy for me cuz I love music very much and try to make way for it. I just schedule my life and make the combination of music and school a time table.

I was raised by a single parent, my mom. And being the only son of my mom, she actually loves what I do so she  supports me and even inspires me to do the music I do.

UGFILE: Wow, that is nice to hear. What inspires YunG Pabi to rap?
YUNG PABI: Looking at my mom alone inspires me a lot. Nothing else.

UGFILE: So can I call Yung Pabi Mommy’s son?
YUNG PABI: Haahhahha. nahhh. Too lame for a rapper. lool

UGFILE: How has your music career fared the last two years?
YUNG PABI: Chale, it has not been easy at all  and I’m not expecting anything lesser than that even in the years to come. So no matter how it goes we hoping for the best.

UGFILE: Who have you worked with and who are you looking forward to for a collabo in GH?
YUNG PABI: I have worked with Wanlov de Kubolor, Lil Shaker, Gasmilla, Okyeame Kwame and Kevin Beats, and am looking forward to working with more and anybody who is willing to work with me too. I have worked wiit magnum, he is  a producer

UGFILE: Wow those are some big names. How did you get to that level?
YUNG PABI: To me, music is a journey and in this journey, you get to meet a lot of  people. Taking the advantage of meeting them is what gets you there.

UGFILE: So who is your favorite Rapper in GH, Africa and US?
YUNG PABI: OK for US it’s Kanye West, Lil Wayne, J. Cole and Drake.
For Africa, it’s just Yung Pabi

UGFILE: Okay apart from Yung Pabi?
YUNG PABI: Lol. Apart from Yung Pabi, Big burn

UGFILE: Apart from Yung Pabi it’s Big Burn and most of us don’t know him but anyway what should we expect from you in 2015?
YUNG PABI: 2015 is going to be full of surprises and Yung Pabi is going to prove a point in the industry. Yung Pabi is going to make himself available to everyone out there. And when I say that, I mean everyone is going to have enough of Yung Pabi.

UGFILE: What are some of the challenges you face as an artiste?
YUNG PABI: As an artiste u get disappointed by people you trust. Sometimes the rumors that pop up about you are sometimes hard to take in but chale… what can you say… so you stay in your cool corner and listen.

UGFILE: Anything you are working on now?
YUNG PABI: Yeah I’m working on a video for ‘Sobolo’ – a song I did with Wanlov de Kubolor and I’m also working on other collabos with other artistes.

UGFILE: Alright, what do you have for your fans and how can they reach you?
YUNG PABI: I wanna tell them to expect more from me and to

#ff me on twitter; @YungPabiMusic

Facebook; Yung Pabi

IG; @yungPabiMusic

UGFILE: It’s been nice talking to you and when you blow up, remember UGFILE

UGFILE: Any shout outs?
YUNG PABI: S/o to Mr. Ofori of O. A. Records, Oxygen – son of Mr. Nutakor, Juliouse fiadu a.k.a Joevani, and you, SenYo.

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