Dear Sir,

It is based on indubitable facts that I present to your very revered office, this notice aimed at registering my utmost disappointment at the current state of student insecurity in this great institution.

Sir, the rampancy of theft cases occurring on this campus has reached its crescendo. It rather baffles me how intellectuals, as we are, have somehow forgotten that security comes second in our lives as far as psychological needs are concerned. The irony of our situation seems pertinent to the fact that we have installed CCTV cameras at lecture and examination halls to deter exams malpractices, but not at our places of residence and crime prone areas to protect our lives and property – which is more important. In my opinion, the CCTV infrastructure only serves as a white elephant since a more important use of them has apparently been abandoned for a less important use.

Away from that, recent clashes among students of this most reputable institution not only marred the image of Ghana’s Premier University but also threatened student lives and property. Verily, the news of the unfortunate clashes headlined many national newspapers. Indeed, this is highly preposterous! Sir, as a result of this, students have gone haywire and are less likely to have full concentration for their studies.

Reporting as happened, only last semester, there were several theft cases that bedeviled this academic community. Among these are; first, the case involving the lady in Evandy Hostel who got robbed. According to sources, anything that spoke the language of electric gadgets in her room was collected by the thief. Then, the news of a boy who, on return to his Hall (commonwealth Hall) from lectures, was ambushed at the NNB-NB junction and robbed. Also, the theft at Jean Nelson Aka Hall; it is in fact unimaginable how the thief got into the hall since their porters usually require a student ID card before they permit entry. The affected students that were in room 2017 lost their laptops and several other belongings to the intruder. It is even more pathetic when heard that among the stolen laptops was a borrowed one.

Sir, however, what has triggered this sudden notice is the case of last week’s theft at Mensah Sarbah Hall, Annex B, room number 510. The scene was tragic as the thief swept the room out. The affected students (ladies) complained bitterly that their laptops, phones, and huge sums of monies were all taken away. From some confirmed sources, three laptops and a sum of Ghc600 were stolen. It is however yet to be confirmed whether panties were also made away with.

Sir, it is incomprehensible how these students will get back their belongings. An interview with one of the affected Students, Ethel – A level 200 Political Science and Philosophy student, revealed that the door of her room, having been broken since Sunday had not been fixed yet. She added that several attempts to get the authorities of the Hall to do so proved futile. Hmmmm!!! Administration definitely had its role to play.

But come to think of it, is it the students who steal or outsiders? This is the million dollar question highly unfathomable. Although students have their roles to play in ensuring their safety, school authorities owe it more to students to ensure that the institutions’ security measures work effectively and efficiently.

Sir, I will seek your approval to end this piece by sharing with you the words of GERMAINE GREER, who said conversely that; “there is no such thing as security. There never has been”. Hoping this meets your most honorable person.

BDM Negus!! Sharp!! Sharp!!
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  1. Samiu says:

    I hope this gets to the right authorities to mitigate the situation.
    Thumbs up bro

  2. borai says:

    Wonderful piece

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