Inadequate venues for Study Group discussion on UG campus


I gladly remember my days in Senior High School when I used to sneak to study while members of my dormitory were fast asleep. This method was pretty effective for me due to the difficulty of maintaining concentration during the prescribed prep hours. Fast forward to 2015, I am madly in love with another system I would have rejected in the past, the famous study group discussion that is apparently widespread on University Campuses. I seek to make my opinions about this method of learning known in this piece with much emphasis on the unavailability of venues for such discussions.
The main reason why I rejected the system in the past was that I felt some students will be a distraction. I remember we tried it sometime, but one student we called ‘punisher’ due to his dislike for charity, proved a major distraction. He always brought something irrelevant up for discussion. His elimination from the group never solved the problem but only resulted in new ‘punishers’ rising to fill the void his absence created.
My affection for this method occurred when I attended such a discussion when I was in first year. The seriousness exhibited by members of the group caught my attention and comes as no surprise that even in third year, we are still keeping that group. Our most obvious challenge has been getting a suitable venue to hold our discussions.
We have over the years been utilizing the stands at the Athletics Oval which is not helpful when the sun is high up as well when it’s raining. We have also tried using the few leisure benches in front of Balme Library which are often occupied by other students holding this discussions. The reading rooms on campus are clearly not ideal places for such discussions, same as T.V rooms.
A walk around campus indicates students making use of various places to hold group discussion. I strongly believe its high time the SRC considers providing decent places for students to hold such discussions. It will even be good venues for tutorials. The SRC must rise up now…

Joseph Kofi Frimpong Ackah-Blay

Posted by Joseph Kofi Frimpong Ackah-Blay

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